What are the styles of communication?

In communication with the outside world, a person accumulates life experience, gets the opportunity for self-realization. Being in a particular situation, each of us is looking for a way to "feed" ourselves. What are we guided by choosing one or another style of communication?

Factors affecting the choice of communication style

Communication styles qualitatively reveal the behavior of a person in his relationship with others. In this case, the choice of style is determined by several factors:communication styles

  1. What is the purpose of communication, we pursue? If in the process of communication it is important for us to get to know ourselves more deeply, then we will make every effort to make our relationship trustworthy and objective. Sometimes there is a need to influence the consciousness of others. Even when discussing a book that has excited us, we are not indifferent to the opinion of our opponents. Should I watch a movie? Why when applying for a job should give preference to your candidacy? From the credibility of our arguments will depend on the result of communication.
  2. The situation in which it is carried out. In an informal home environment with a longtime childhood friend, we are unlikely to want to discuss global scientific or political issues. What can not be said about the members of the symposiums.
  3. Status, personal qualities, worldview and position of the interlocutor affect communicating. Using the language of aphorisms, this can be said as follows: "The diplomat will think twice before saying nothing."

Varieties of communication stylesmanipulative communication style

There are different styles of communication in psychology, but the main ones are:

  • Ritual.
  • Humanistic.
  • Manipulative.
  • Imperative.

Ritual style of communication

The ritual style is traditionally laid by the culture, the environment in which a person lives. In it, we realize ourselves as a product of society. The main task of this type of communication is to maintain communication with the environment, to maintain an idea of ​​us as members of society. In this case, we need a partner as an attribute to perform a certain ritual. For example, when we greet, say goodbye, and throw away our familiar: “How do you live?” - we just stick to the traditional foundations of society, by and large, we are not obliged to anything.

Humanistic stylecommunication styles in psychology

Humanistic communication is a personal relationship that allows you to satisfy a human need for understanding, empathy, empathy. The success of communication in this case depends largely on the individuality. These are equal interactions that allow to achieve mutual understanding through a dialogical relationship. An example here can be intimate communication, communication between a doctor and a patient, pedagogical.

Manipulative style

Considering the styles of communication, this form can be said to imply a hidden influence on the interlocutor. The purpose of such contact is to achieve control over the thoughts and behavior of the partner. In this case, the interlocutor demonstrate only what will help in achieving the goal. The winner will be the one who will be more inventive manipulator. Good knowledge of a partner, understanding of goals, and possession of communication techniques can help. Most of the professional tasks can be solved if you successfully use the manipulative communication style.

Imperative style

The imperative style implies directory interactions. It combines authoritarian and liberal communication.Its purpose is to obtain the right of the superior’s control over a subordinate or to coerce a certain action.


The listed communication styles are just an inclination, an orientation towards certain relationships. But this does not mean that only with the help of one of them can a person become self-fulfilling.

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