What can please another international holiday - Friendship Day?

The world does not stand still. Among the positive changes are new holidays, aimed at strengthening the best feelings that only a person can experience.

International Friendship Day: what day is celebrated, when and by whom was introduced

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Relatively new holiday can be calledInternational Day of Friendship. International Friendship Day began to be celebrated only 3 years ago. In 2011, the UN General Assembly decided to introduce this new holiday.

Friendship Day when celebrated? 30 July. The new holiday is based on the UN Declaration and the ideological program developed by this organization. They are developed in the interests of all the inhabitants of our planet, since they are aimed at the culture field of the whole world against violence and war.

The meaning of this holiday

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The year in which the Day of Friendship was introduced, the date in whichwhich he notes, are clear from the last paragraph. And what is the meaning of this holiday? The resolution of the UN specifically stresses that this holiday is aimed at strengthening positive and friendly relations between different nations. Friendship is one of the most priceless feelings. As between people, and between states. How is it celebrated? In all countries in different ways. State structures were invited to celebrate the Day of Friendship in accordance with the traditions adopted in their countries. In particular, during the celebration of this day in this year in one of the cities of Russia, the sky lanterns were launched.

A special emphasis in the celebration is onattract a large number of youth representatives to participate in events that are aimed at strengthening peace. Some of them will someday become the leaders of the countries in which they live, and if this holiday is celebrated properly, it is possible that from the very young days they will absorb respect for representatives of other countries, and in our world there will be less wars.

During this holiday many timesemphasizes respect for the traditions of different ethnic groups, different peoples and states. The events of this day are aimed at promoting a tolerant, friendly attitude to those around them, which should not depend on their religious or national characteristics.

Day of friendship is still a very young holiday, but alreadyis popular in different countries of the world. It is aimed at reminding people of their important place in life, that with a kind attitude towards others, life becomes much more positive and brighter.

Without communication, the world loses its colors

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Communication with other people is the main componentlife of each person. Without communication, various psychological or even psychological disorders can arise. When we communicate with people with similar interests, we feel comfort in the soul. In principle, with any person you can find common interests. Unfortunately, friendly relations between states depend on the relationship between their leaders, and often this affects the relations between ordinary people. It should not be. The fact that a person belongs to another nationality should not interfere with good relations with him. It was in order to remind about this, and the Day of Friendship was introduced.

Holidays that have a similar meaning. Day dedicated to the friendship of the Slavic peoples

Shortly before it began to celebrateInternational Day of Friendship, another similar holiday was introduced. It has a similar meaning - on this day the Slavs are reminded of their common roots, that they should be friendly and united. It is celebrated on June 25 and is especially relevant in light of the events that are taking place in Ukraine.

It began to be celebrated in the 90s of the 20th century. It was at this time that the USSR collapsed, and many independent Slavic states appeared. They needed to establish friendly relations between them. In the 90s, another Slavic state, Yugoslavia, collapsed. Therefore, the introduction of the Day of Unification of the Slavs had a special meaning.

The day was introduced in order for the Slavic countriesremembered their past, preserved their culture and communication with each other, which lasted for many centuries. The most significant steps for unification were undertaken by Belarus and Russia. Our countries cooperate in many spheres. Especially widely the holiday is celebrated in these countries and in Ukraine. Despite the disagreements that have arisen between the leadership of our country and Ukraine, the people still remain close because of similar traditions and customs, common roots and should not be at enmity.

International Day of Friends

International Friendship Day

Friendship has always been the main moral andspiritual value. For many, it has always been considered and is still considered a mythical concept, gone into the distant past and into the field of stereotypes. For example, according to many, there can not be friendship between women.

However, this is not so. June 9 is the International Day of Friends. This holiday is not official, it is not mentioned anywhere, when, by whom and where it was introduced, but this fact does not deprive it of popularity. This is just another opportunity to remind our friends of how important friendship with them is to us.

Maybe someday it will become for many peoplecause to dial the phone number of their old friends, remember the pleasant moments that you have experienced together, share good news. The meaning of this holiday is similar to the meaning of the Day of Friendship and Unity of the Slavs and the International Day of Friendship, since friendly relations should not depend on a person's nationality.

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