What can tell a check with the mark OFD

It was only the other day that I was at the restaurant at Buzova, where they gave me this very check. It looks quite ordinary, but it is with the mention of the CRF, which means that there is still some interesting information in it.
What can a check with an OFD data mark say? Now, fiscal, is, a journal of this, companies, cash, “Platform, which, companies, operator, now, author, operator, taxes can, will, which, only

If you did not know, then today the buyer can receive a check not only in the usual printed form, but also in electronic form.
Agree that a nice bonus for those who, by inertia, throws them out, well, or for business travelers - there will definitely be a check for a report before the accounting department, even if you have been sweating this little leaf.
If anything, you can view the duplicate check on the website of the operator of fiscal data.
Information in the check
The check now contains information about the organization’s taxation system, the cashier’s name, the website for checking the check, and even the name of the operator of the fiscal data.
Who does not know, OFD (operator of fiscal data) - these are companies that send checks to the tax. They can be compared with telecom operators, and cash desks - with mobile phones.So far no one really knows about them, because the market does not exceed 2 years - the first 5 companies appeared in 2016.
Now you have the right to require a check in electronic form, as in this video:
Since this year, analysts have also paid attention to the market. For example, CNews released the official rating of the OFD countries, which took into account the scale of the market, the quality of technical support, additional services, etc. The first place was taken by the OFD Platform, with which, according to the study, every fourth cash office in the country works.
What pleases companies in Russia are starting to work in white - changing cash registers, connecting to the CRF. This means that sales taxes go, and the budget is replenished - then this money will go to our health care, education and kindergartens.
The check from the BuzFood restaurant by Olga Buzovaya is proof of that, and the “Evotor OFD” is the “Platform of the OFD” and now every one of you will be sure that the entrepreneur is paying taxes and you are dealing with an official seller.
Small Business Bonuses
The main thing in the CRF is not the checks, but the sales analyst. Small and medium businesses are quite difficult to buy expensive analytical programs that work with the help of new technologies.And then a good alternative appeared - the operator, the same “Platform OFD”, provides analytics online.
Now even small companies have the opportunity to track which product is the most popular and which is not. What is worth buying, and that in vain takes place in a warehouse or in the back of a small store.
There is plenty of excitement around this story too, especially now. This is due to the fact that all cash offices in the trade and food industry must be connected to the CRF before July 1, and there is no time left. So hurry and choose reliable operators!
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