What church feast is celebrated on August 18 by Christians

August in the Christian church is very rich incelebrations. This month, the Savior celebrates three Savior. So which church feast on August 18 is celebrated by believers? On this day, everyone is preparing for the Apple Feast, waiting for the Transfiguration of the Lord, which is celebrated the next day, on August 19. What is the meaning of this holiday? This question interests many.

Pre-Easter on August 18th. Orthodox holiday of the Transfiguration on August 19

what is the church holiday on August 18

Since the evening, all Christians are preparing for the morningservice dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Lord, which is celebrated on August 19. This event was described by the Evangelist Luke. The whole story took place in the earthly life of Jesus, when together with his disciples he walked through Palestine and preached the Good News. Once on Mount Tabor in the presence of his three disciples - James, Peter and John - Jesus surrendered to prayer. Suddenly his face shone, clothes gleamed white, a light cloud appeared around the teacher. Two people talked with him - Ilya and Moses. They descended from heaven to tell Jesus of his outcome, the trials he would endure on the cross, the resurrection, his mission in this world. At that time the disciples of the Savior were dozing, but the light that came from the speakers awakened them. They saw God's grace, a miracle. They were visited by the desire to prolong this moment. Unaware of what they are saying, they proposed to build three tents for Jesus, Moses and Elijah, but then they were covered by a cloud, and they heard the voice of the Most High. He told from heaven that they would listen to their teacher Jesus, the son of God. When the voice was silent, the cloud dispersed, the disciples saw that Jesus was alone on the mountain. About this wonderful story at that time the pupils kept silent and did not reveal to anyone the secrets of the Transfiguration.

Before the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, allbelievers remember this amazing story, because it was then that Christ first manifested his divine essence in front of his three disciples. On that day, John, Peter, Jacob saw the Favorsky light, which radiated not only Jesus' face, but all his clothes. All the icons of the Transfiguration scene bear this divine light.

Apple Savior

Having ascertained which church feast is expected on August 18, it is necessary to mention that on the day of the Transfiguration a second Savior, named Apple, is celebrated.

Apple Savior is the second name of the holidayTransformations. Many people's customs, rituals, and beliefs are associated with it. So, for example, it was believed that parents who lost children should not eat apples at all until this day, in this case, their children are given out to the children of the heavenly apples. On the day of the Transfiguration the consecrated parents take the apples to the graves of their dead children. If the graves of their dead babies are somewhere far away, then they spread apples to others, even to other people's children.

August 18 Orthodox holiday

In general, all believers prepare baskets withapples from the evening of August 18. The Orthodox holiday of the Transfiguration is celebrated by believers the next day, they consecrate fruits, break fast, treat all friends and friends. In the old days from this day began to harvest apples for future use, to dry, cook jam, bake in an oven with honey. They distributed apples to beggars, begging, needy, baked pies, different sweets. By this day, there were timed wide public festivities, expansive generous fairs.

Evsigny Antioch

In addition to the Transfiguration, which church feast 18August is still in the church calendar? On this day, the Great Martyr Evsignia of Antioch is remembered, popularly called Zhitnik. This saint lived a long, measured life. By faith and truth he served the Roman Empire for 60 years. He was an interlocutor of the Holy Basilisk. Once he had a vision - a picture of the sign of the cross in the starry sky. After the service, Evsignius returned to his native Antioch at a venerable age, lived in prayer, visited the temple. With the coming to power of the heathen Julian the Apostate for the faith of Christ, the elder was arrested. Serious torture was betrayed him in prison. He did not hesitate to appear at the trial against the Antichrists, for which he paid with his life. Executed Evsignia at the venerable age of 110 years.


what religious holiday on August 18

What is the church holiday on August 18? It is called Zhitnik in honor of Evsignia Antioch. It was on that day that Mother Earth was coaxed, sanctified by her, to expel the evil force from the stubble. In the old days, girls on Zhitnik collected a "living uterus": they searched for stubble stems on the stubble stubble. And whoever found this with the largest number of spikelets was considered the most fortunate. "Zhitnaya uterus" was kept at home before the images. A stem with twelve spikelets brought happiness to the owner's house. People believed that the uterus could help in any case, but only three times, then her strength was lost. So they asked her only for the most intimate. On Zhitnik bread baked from the first grind of barley.

Job Ukhchelsky

In detail, examining which religious holiday 18August is expected by Christians, undoubtedly, one must also say that on this day the believers remember the martyr Job Uchchelsky. In the XVII century, he founded a monastery in the Arkhangelsk province on the Mezen River. The monks lived here in the poor, and when King Michael granted them lands, fishing grounds, the Monk Job built a cell here, founded a church.

the forefeast of the transfiguration of the Lord

Life in the monastery began to improve, tookall needy. Once, when all the brothers went to haymaking and Job remained alone, the monastery was attacked by bandits. They cruelly tortured the Monk Job, demanded to give out monastic treasures. After terrible tortures, they cut off the head of the martyr. The icons of Job became famous for their miracles. It is depicted there in the hands with a scroll in which it is written that one should not be afraid of those who kill the body, they can not destroy the soul.

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