What did the "GTA gang" do?

What did the "GTA gang" do?

On August 1, 2017, the GTA gang reminded of itself in a firefight at the Mosoblsud building.

For three years - from 2012 to 2014 - they kept the drivers of the Moscow region in fear, committing cold-blooded and brutal murders on major highways.

Not a game at all

The GTA gang got its name from the bloggers who saw crimes committed by gangsters resembling the game tasks of the heroes of the 3D shooter Grand Theft Auto (GTA): they also run out on the road, stretch their thorns and wait for their victims with a weapon. According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the gang members themselves called themselves “Jamaat” - a group of Muslims who study Islam together.

The official representative of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (TFR), Vladimir Markin, said that the version according to which the gang members imitated the characters of a computer game was not confirmed. The investigation found that in the commission of all crimes the bandits were guided solely by self-serving motives, stealing not only the money and valuables of their victims, but also all small things, including clothing. Then the intruders sold everything and shared it for profit.

During the activity of the gang, the criminals committed almost two dozen murders and robberies on the M4 Don, M3 Ukraina highways, as well as on Novorizhskoye and Novoryazanskoye highways, the Moscow ring and the 35th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road. Members of the group are being tried for 17 murders, 2 attempted murders, armed robberies and sadistic beatings of people.

Bande is also credited with several unmotivated killings of motorists, shelling and wounding citizens in the Moscow region in 2009–2014, according to the TFR, which were used to train and test militants sent by the gang to the zone of military conflict in the Middle East. The persons detained on November 6, 2014 are accused of preparing terrorist acts, possession of weapons and ammunition.

Between crimes, gang members led a generally unremarkable lifestyle, working as loaders, builders, taxi drivers, and watchmen. The 60-year-old Muscovite Boris Zavyalov, who represented housing for two of the convicts in the village of Ramensky District, characterized one of them as a man of “soft, decent and honest.”

Bloody history

According to the Investigative Committee of the gang was organized in the Moscow region in March 2012 by a certain Ibaidullo Subkhanov. It includes at least 15 people from Central Asia. The criminals acted on major highways in Moscow and the region: using self-made spikes, they damaged the tires of passing cars, and then approaching the victims under the pretext of helping, they shot the drivers and passengers to take possession of their personal property.

For the first time information about the actions of the gang entered the media only in May 2014, when the criminals brutally massacred 64-year-old Anatoly Lebedev and his wife, 62-year-old Tatiana. The couple went to Kia Seed when they ran into a trap set by the attackers. Anatoly got out of the car, found a puncture on the wheel, took out a jack and had already started repairing, but was shot with his wife by unexpected killers.

The car with the included emergency gang and body lying next noticed the trucker. First, the arriving police found that nothing was missing from the car. However, later it was reported that Lebedev had a tablet computer, which was not in the car.Its cost was 25 thousand rubles, earrings were also removed from the body of the deceased for five thousand rubles.

In the summer of 2014, two more similar crimes were committed. In one of them, on the 45th kilometer of the Don track, the Chevrolet Cruze of 53-year-old Alexey Tsyganov, a resident of the Tula region, ran into spikes. Coming out of the car, the driver saw the intruders and ran towards the forest, but was shot by the attackers. Nothing was lost from the car.

On bandits by officers of the TFR, MIA and FSB was declared a hunt. In November 2014, investigators attacked the trail of criminals. During the arrest, the leader of the gang Ibaidullo Subkhanov, who resisted, was killed. The four managed to escape, another nine people were detained. Later, two fugitives were caught in Tajikistan.

The trial of the gang began in July 2016, a criminal case was opened, numbering almost 200 volumes.

Court case

On August 1, 2017, the interrogations of witnesses took place in the Moscow Region in the case of the GTA gang. According to preliminary information, two escorts (among them one woman) accompanied in the elevator five defendants, one of whom attacked the servant of the order and began to choke him. As a result, the criminals were able to free themselves and take possession of weapons.

Later, the attackers exchanged fire with fighters from the Russian Guard, three of them were eliminated, the other two were injured and were neutralized. Also, during the shootout, court staff and bailiffs suffered. Everything could be much more unpredictable, if not a coincidence. The fact is that the SOBR fighters from Rosgvardiya who participated in the neutralization of the criminals were in the Moscow Regional Court for a completely different matter.

At first glance, the situation, when only two escorts accompany five particularly dangerous criminals, looks very strange. However, attorney Diana Tatosova sees nothing surprising in this. “This is a normal practice. - She said. “The system cannot physically provide a large number of escorts and dogs for the 11 accused.”

Nowhere to retreat

What motives guided the five defendants who decided to attack the escorts? According to investigators, they were all threatened with life imprisonment, and therefore they had nothing to lose. Why not try to break free, even if this attempt seems reckless. Who were the three victims of the failed attempt at liberation?

Kholik Subkhanov - the brother of the head of the gang Ibaydulo Subkhanov, who was shot dead during his arrest, was the treasurer of the group. He was a match for his brother - a ruthless, manic killer. In 2012, the Subkhanov brothers killed the taxi driver Santikbetov. “Holik attacked the taxi driver from behind, clasped his neck with his right hand and threw him to the floor, and his brother Ibaidulo struck the taxi driver with at least ten strikes with a crowbar on his body and limbs. After that, Holik strangled the victim with his right hand, “- said in the materials of the investigation.

Another liquidated member of the gang - 36-year-old Abdumukim Mamadchonov had dual citizenship - Russian and Tajik. On the night of November 11, 2013, together with his accomplice Karimov, he participated in the murder of the driver Yerkumov near the village of Luzhki, Istrinsky district. The indictment states: “Karimov shot at least three times at Yerkumov, and Mamadzhonov at least once. The Sony Vaio laptop for 50 thousand rubles, the LG phones for three thousand and Samsung for eight, as well as 50 thousand rubles in cash, were the killers' booty. ”

The third member of the gang, killed in the Mosoblsud building, 35-year-old Mirzomavlon Mirzosharipov, who also had dual citizenship of Russia and Tajikistan,on the night of May 3, 2014, together with other members of the group on the M4 highway, “Don” participated in the murder of the Lebedev spouses.

After the incident in the building of Mosoblsud, the TFR opened a criminal case under articles 317 of the Criminal Code ("Infringement on the life of a law enforcement officer"), 226 of the Criminal Code ("Plunder or extortion of weapons") and 313 of the Criminal Code ("Attempt to escape from arrest ).

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