What does a body rash mean?

Practically everyone is familiar with the situation when suddenly the skin begins to itch and ugly red spots appear. Especially often this happens with children. Their bodies are worse protected from various infections, and any changes worry parents a lot.

body rashWhat to do if you find a rash on the body?

First of all, undress the child and well inspect all the skin, including folds, mucous membranes. Recall and write down when the first reddenings appeared, whether they caused itching, whether the temperature rose, that the child ate and drank, or took any medications. All of this can help with future treatment and make diagnosis easier.

Infectious diseases

Skin rashes in children are often symptoms of infectious diseases. Along with this, the following phenomena should be observed (of course, not all at once): sudden onset, high fever, vomiting, pain in the abdomen and throat, cough, loose stools, runny nose, deterioration of general physical condition. A rash on the body occurs with rubella, measles, chickenpox, scarlet fever, infectious erythema, meningitis.

skin rash in childrenAllergy

If the red rash on the body itches, it can be the result of an allergic reaction.Typically, this is the result of eating various foods. In addition, very often such reactions occur on animal hair, dust, laundry detergents, flower pollen, drugs, dietary supplements, vitamins, and so on. In this case, a rash on the body appears suddenly. In this case, the rest of the person is completely healthy. Red spots can be of various shapes. They are accompanied by itching and are located on various parts of the body. In some cases, allergies cause swelling of the neck, face, lips, tongue. This sign is very dangerous. Without timely intervention, this can lead to suffocation or allergic shock. In this case, urgent medical attention is required.

Skin diseases

First of all, they suffer from common pipsy. Such a rash on the body occurs in babies. It occurs when overheating or too tight swaddling. In this case, the rash is a pale color, it is possible the appearance of bubbles. It appears in places of the greatest accumulation of sweat glands: in the inguinal folds, on the neck, under the knees, on the shoulders and buttocks.red body rash itchesAn example of another common disease is scabies.It is caused by a scabby mite in direct contact with a sick person or an infected person’s personal hygiene items. Small rashes appear on the legs, abdomen, in the interdigital spaces, around the genitals. This is accompanied by itching, which intensifies at night. Combing sore spots can lead to the spread of the tick. Scabies is treated with aerosols, ointments under the strict supervision of a dermatologist.

No self treatment!

The list of diseases that cause rashes is rather long. Recognizing them without the help of doctors is difficult. Despite the fact that today using a computer you can get any information in a matter of seconds, you should not rely only on yourself. Only a doctor can make the correct diagnosis and prescribe treatment. Timely access to it in most cases guarantees a quick recovery.

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