What does the name Igor mean? Mystery and name compatibility

What does the name Igor mean? Many of its owners are asking a similar question, because, despite its sufficient popularity, the meaning of this name is a secret for some people, the curtain of which will be slightly opened below.

what does the name igor mean

The origin and meaning of the name

The origin of the name Igor has several options. According to the first, it originates from the Scandinavian name Ingvarr and has two roots - "Ing" and "varr". The first belongs to the great Scandinavian god of abundance - Yngvio, the second, "varr", means "to protect", "to protect". Thus, the meaning of the name Igor, according to this version, will be “guarded by Ing,” but scientists are more inclined to another version of the translation, which means “warlike”.

The following hypothesis belongs to Norway. Although this country also belongs to Scandinavia, their culture has its own meaning of the name Igor. According to him, it translates as "shooter", or "archer".In this case, the origin of the name Igor is associated with the Norwegian word "ee-vahr".

The latest version belongs to the British. It is a bit similar to the Norwegian, according to her, the name Igor means "infantryman", or "steppe warrior, but it turns out as a result of the fusion of two words -" ing "and" warrior ".

value of the name igor


After thinking about what the name Igor means and what fate awaits its owner, the first thing to know is what the character of the boy will be in his childhood, because this is the foundation for his future. As a rule, parents of the baby should be patient, because it is difficult to call calm this child. If the boy's name is Igor, it means that we see a cheerful, indefatigable tomboy who simply cannot sit still. However, being close to him, the surrounding ones are also charged with positive, therefore, little Igor is often everyone's favorite. It should be noted that the baby, even in childhood, is prone to narcissism. Igor is proud, he knows what is dignity and honor, and, if necessary, will necessarily seek justice. The boy has a strong-willed character, but in some, not particularly favorable circumstances, his hardness borders on despotism. Igor grows bold, resolute and confident.In some cases, the excessive activity of the boy leads to hooliganism, as a result of which parents are frequent visitors to the school where he has to study. Despite this, Igor is quite a kind and sympathetic boy, always ready to help a friend. All these qualities make him a versatile and interesting person, so he is always surrounded by friends and people who love him.

the origin of the name Igor


What is more remarkable name of Igor? The nature of its owner affects learning. He does not reach particular heights in this, but not from pampering, but Igor lacks the plodding that is so necessary for the student. However, if a guy is seriously interested in sports, thanks to which his physical activity will be satisfied, then in the classroom he may be a little quieter, which will allow to study the material in more depth.


Igor's health can envy anyone. Of course, to avoid all diseases in childhood is impossible, but the boy is sick less often than his peers. However, oddly enough, it is precisely good immunity that can play a cruel joke on him in the future, because of this, Igor neglects preventive measures, which will certainly affect his health.

secret name of Igor

Fate named Igor

Having matured, Igor becomes more staid and balanced. He can already control his actions and control himself when the situation demands it. Despite this, perseverance stays with him for life. The guy goes to his intended goal quickly, often at first he does, and afterwards he thinks, as a result of which he may face some problems. However, difficulties only attract Igor, yet another setback for him is not a reason for grief, but a reason to try again. Even serious failures will not make Igor turn away from the intended path. Even having lost everything, he will still seek his own way and, like a phoenix, rise from the ashes.

It should be noted, and high performance Igor. The guy works great not only with his hands, but also with his head. Without special education, he can calmly make repairs in an apartment or repair a car, and it’s not worth talking about minor “male” affairs, the guy is a jack of all trades. However, who knows what the name Igor means, he understands that a lot of things depend on his mood and faith in his strength. If Igor doesn’t like any business, or he works without inspiration, then everything just falls out of his hands, but if he got excited about the idea, then you can be sure that everything will be done qualitatively and on time.

name compatibility Igor

Igor's character can be quite complex and often includes mutually exclusive factors. For example, the guy really dislikes non-binding people who do not fulfill their promises, although he himself often sins with this. An adult Igor finds it difficult to converge with people, he has not so many friends. Perhaps his impulsivity is to blame, because not everyone can put up with this trait. Life seems to Igor to be some kind of struggle for survival, in which he must win, and this can be done at the expense of his diligence and intelligence, while the enemies can take advantage of frankness, therefore the small number of his inner circle does not bother the guy at all.


The secret of the name Igor is that he seeks well-being not because of knowledge, but because of his natural ingenuity and resourcefulness. Some call him lucky. In his youth, a guy can have great financial difficulties, but by his mature age he will definitely overcome them, reach a certain weight in society, and even get rich if he decides to start his own business. If Igor doesn’t want to do business, he can, if he wishes, take up any profession: engineer or worker, lawyer or driver.Creative activities are not alien to him, so he can become an artist or an actor. In any job she tries to achieve the heights of professionalism, which allows to achieve leadership positions. However, in this case one more secret of the name Igor opens - this is the tendency towards despotism. After gaining power, a guy often abuses it, which is what most colleagues and friends turn against him. It should be noted that Igor really appreciates himself and his work, therefore, it will not work without a good return. He believes that any work should be adequately paid, otherwise it’s not worth undertaking.

the fate of the name Igor


In sex, Igor is a romantic and idealist. The guy enjoys success with the opposite sex, he appreciates consistency, although he often changes partners, trying to find his only one. The guy is very jealous, but tries to hide this quality, because he believes that it makes him weaker in the eyes of girls. Sex is important for him, so he is looking for a relaxed partner who could satisfy his fantasies. By the way, he himself is also a skillful lover, so, trusting him, the girl does not lose.

A family

A woman who decides to link her life with our hero must understand what the name Igor means, as this will allow her to achieve mutual understanding and become happy in marriage. The owner of this name will always try to become a leader in the family, he demands unquestioning obedience from his second half, otherwise this marriage will not last long. Often, Igor is married several times, as the wife chooses a woman with a similar character. A man loves his children and cares for them even after a divorce. In principle, if a spouse can obey Igor and obey him, then the marriage can be called happy, because the main quality of this man is reliability, therefore his wife will be behind him like a stone wall.

boy name igor

Compatibility Name Igor

Igor will have a good union with Yaroslav, Gerda, Svetlana, Rufina, Arina, Raisa, Gerda, Irina, Christina, Veronika, Natalia, Angelina, Olesya.

Tenuous relations await him with Elizaveta, Tatiana, Lyudmila, Alina, Yana.

Astrological meaning of the name

  • The planet of the name is Mars.
  • Gemini.
  • Happy color - gray-blue, silver.
  • Tree - hornbeam.
  • Totem animal - bullfinch.
  • The plant is a daisy.
  • Stone - beryl, carnelian, agate.
  • Happy day - Tuesday.
  • Patron saints - Igor Chernigov, name day 18 June.

The influence of the letters of the name on the character of Igor

  • And - characterizes the love of art, all the beautiful that is on Earth. This manifests itself not only in the external appearance of the owner, but also in a state of mind, a way of thinking. As a result, Igor is endowed with honesty, integrity, which is not always liked by his business partners.
  • G - indicates the ability to sacrifice themselves for the cause. Also, this letter means pedantry, good faith, attention to detail.
  • O is the wealth of the inner world. People whose name is present in this letter are naturally endowed with great intuition, therefore, they know how to feel false and separate the seeds from the chaff.
  • R - this letter indicates the ability to a variety of crafts. If Igor wants, he can get any profession.
  • B - this letter indicates the responsiveness of a person. Igor quickly “ignites”, but just as quickly and realizes that he is bending over the stick, and begins to restrain his ardor.

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