Why dream of a dead fish?

Ekaterina Ermolaeva
Ekaterina Ermolaeva
February 24, 2015
Why dream of a dead fish?

One of the old will say that if a girl has a fish in her dream, then it is to pregnancy. Read more about this dream in the article What does a fish dream ?. And in this article we will talk about a more specific case, namely about what the dead fish dream about.

Interpretation of sleep with dead fish

In order for the interpretation to be correct, it is necessary to recall the emotions that you experienced in a dream, and those actions that you performed with a dead fish.

  • Touch the dead fish - to the deterioration of health, both yours and your loved ones. Treat this side of your life with all the attention.
  • If the fish suddenly collapsed from your touch in a dream, then it means a cash prize.
  • If the fish swims on the surface of the water, then it promises disappointment in people or in a situation that worries you in this period.
  • If the fish in the dream is "tatty", then this foreshadows a quarrel with an influential person and a misunderstanding with the opposite sex.
  • Depending on the size of the fish, you can predict the size of the troubles that await you.Everything is simple here - the less fish, the less damage will cause you the next unpleasant events.
  • If in your dream the dead fish is not one, but several, then it means that unpleasant events will affect not one area of ​​your life, but several.
  • To catch a dead fish in a dream is also a bad sign, you should soon give up bad habits. They may be the cause of your next failures.

The dream, of course, is not pleasant, and its consequences are mostly negative, but you should not despair - after the dark strip always comes bright.

Different types of fish that came to you in a dream can also be interpreted in different ways.

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