Why dream of a fur coat?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 9, 2012
Why dream of a fur coat?

In this article I will tell you about what the fur coat is dreaming about - a mink and another.

If a woman (especially young) had a dream that she sees herself in a beautiful fur coat - mink, sable, from black-brown fox, polar fox and other expensive furs - this means that soon she will have a very wealthy and even rich fan. But the only thing is that his moral qualities are unlikely to suit the girl, however, here already she will have to solve the traditional question of wealth and happiness by herself. In this case, the one and the other will most likely not be combined.

Sometimes a person can dream of a dream in which he is in some very cold terrain, for example, in the extreme north and wears a fur coat only to warm up and not to freeze. In this case, such a person can be described as very sensible and very practical in reality.

An interesting dream in which someone praises your clothes and, in particular, an expensive fur coat, means that you actually have a lot of envious people and they are not silent, but spread ridiculous rumors and gossip about you, and they are quite evil.Therefore, be careful in communicating with others. If you buy a fur coat in a dream, it may indicate your stiffness, tightness and also that few people are interested in your person now.

What else is the dream of a mink fur coat and generally a fur coat made from expensive fur? An expensive and fashionable natural fur coat (fox, mink, sable and other) means great prosperity and success in society, and also for a woman can mean some very pleasant and exciting journey with a wealthy fan.

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