What dreams of falling plane?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
February 24, 2015
What dreams of falling plane?

Airplanes as a universal vehicle appeared relatively recently, so the interpretation of dreams about airplanes can be found only in modern dream books. Let's talk about what dreams falling plane for men and women.

Such a dream has a rather negative meaning. Usually, in a dream, a falling plane foreshadows a loss of control over the situation, which can cause problems. This is especially true of business, career or business.

A different interpretation: the collapse of all life plans, which promises many problems and griefs. Such a period must be endured.

If before an important meeting you had a dream of a falling and exploding aircraft, then the meeting is doomed to failure, perhaps it is better to move it. A falling plane, having a dream on the eve of a wedding, promises both man and woman unsuccessful family life or obstacles at marriage.

To dream a falling plane can mean the appearance in the life of a person who will upset your plans, try to take advantage of you, set you up.Some time after the dream, it is better to be more careful in dealing with unfamiliar people, not to trust them.

For a young man or woman, a falling plane can be interpreted as a declaration of love.

If you were driving a falling plane, then some of the important decisions were wrong. You need to change the direction of your actions to avoid major misfortunes.

Of great importance is whether you were injured during the crash of the aircraft or not. Favorable outcome in a dream promises a good way out of reality and, accordingly, vice versa.

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