What dreams of lilac? White lilac in a dream. Interpretation of dreams

How can you not love the spring with all its violent bloom? But in a dream this time of year can come regardless of the calendar date. Naturally, people wonder what that means. Why dream of lilac, you can learn from the popular dream.

Interpretation of dreamland Islens

Why dream of lilac, you can learn from the interpreter Ishilnsey. Here are the meanings of such a vision:

  • If you see lush flowering branches, it foreshadows great love. She will be mutual and bring you many happy moments.
  • Fading or dried branch of lilac indicates the insecurity and fragility of your feelings. Most likely, you will soon cool down to your soulmate.
  • If you are trying to hide from the rain or the sun under a flowering lilac bush, this indicates your carelessness and irresponsibility. You are too frivolous, and therefore you are easily deceived.
  • Breaking lilac in a dream means falling in love. In the end, you will manage to establish a romantic relationship with the object of your adoration.
  • Lush and fragrant clusters of lilac - a reflection of your hopes and desires. Soon there will be a favorable time for their implementation.

what dream of lilac

Interpretation of Freud's dream book

Freud offered his own interpretation of what the lilac dream is about. The interpretation is as follows:

  • Lilac flowers foreshadow a conversation with the second half on frank topics. Most likely, in the course of it, you will discover something that you have not previously realized or did not want to notice.
  • If in a dream you feel the pleasant aroma of a plant, it promises you a new acquaintance that will grow into a romantic relationship. But they will last as long as the lilac bloom.

Interpretation of the modern dream book

What dreams of lilac? In the modern dream book you can find the following information:

  • This is a harbinger of meeting with an interesting and pleasant person with whom you will certainly start a relationship. They may have a friendly, businesslike or even romantic nature.
  • If in a dream you break branches of a blossoming lilac, you will soon meet your fate.Most likely, with this person you will live happily all his life.
  • To see in a dream how lilac flowers are blooming means to be an authoritative person whom many listen to. The professional and personal development of the people around you depends on your guidance and professionalism.
  • If in a dream you are looking for a happy lilac flower with five petals, it means that in real life you are ready for cardinal changes. If the desired find will be in your hands, wait for joyful fateful events.
  • Many lilac bushes that bloom in different colors are a symbol of pleasant pastime in the company of the closest people.

dream lilac

Interpretation of the dream Vanga

About the wisdom of the seer Vanga known throughout the world. No wonder she could decipher any dream. Lilac means the following:

  • Watching the wilting of lilacs means the extinction of strong feelings in real life. Perhaps your second half charm will gradually pass, and a crisis will come in the relationship.
  • White lilac in a dream symbolizes love, however, this feeling will not be serious. You will forget this person as quickly as you are fascinated by it.
  • Lilac saturated purple - a symbol of deep feelings and strong affection.
  • If in your dream you are buying lilacs, it means that the time has come to rethink and reassess values. Your life is not stable enough, and therefore it’s time for you to make serious decisions.
  • Tearing lilac flowers is a search for love. At the moment you feel sympathy for many, but sincere feelings you do not feel for anyone.

white lilac in a dream

Interpretation of the dream book colors

To dream of a lilac (blooming or fading) is an important sign. In the flower interpreter you can get the following answers:

  • If the lilac in your dream was blooming and fragrant, this is an auspicious sign. It symbolizes light and pleasant feelings, spiritual lightness and harmony.
  • Fading flowers - a reflection of your spiritual experiences. You may be longing for a past love or missing people who are now far away from you.
  • If in a dream you see yourself with a lush bouquet of lilacs, it means that your second half is preparing for you some kind of surprise. You will survive the pleasant and romantic moments.
  • The garden of a blossoming lilac is a symbol of a strong and happy family.No spiteful critics and external troubles can break your idyll.
  • If you break or cut the lilac, it is a symbol of your determination and determination. This will help you achieve the desired not only in work, but also in a romantic relationship.
  • A dream in which you hold one branch of lilac symbolizes your deepest loneliness. In the near future, you will have to accept this situation in anticipation of new people in your life.
  • If in a dream you not only see lilac, but also feel its pleasant aroma, it means that the time for great opportunities has come for you. Try not to miss them.

breaking lilacs in the yard

Interpretation of Miller's Dream Book

If you want to understand what your dream means, refer to Miller's authoritative and accurate dream book. Regarding lilac, he says the following:

  • This is a harbinger of quick changes in your personal life. Soon you will have the opportunity to start a new romantic relationship.
  • Seeing lilac flowers bloom means personal growth. It is time to show what you can do. Use the slightest opportunity for self-realization.
  • If in your nightly care you were standing under a lilac bush, it means that you are too frivolous about relationships with the opposite sex. You risk gaining a negative reputation.
  • To see a flowering bush of white lilac is a good sign, symbolizing your relationship with others. Your friends and family are as sincere and open as you are.
  • If you were given a bouquet of lilacs, in reality, some person is looking for communication with you. Be more open. Perhaps new people will bring something good into your life.

dream lilac blooming


To dream of a blooming and fragrant lilac - it is certainly nice. But before indulging in illusions, it is worth looking into the dream book. The vision is generally favorable, but may contain elements of a warning.

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