Why dream of smoked fish?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 27, 2015
Why dream of smoked fish?

If you dreamed of smoked fish at the moment when you just really want to try this dish, then you shouldn’t pay special attention to sleep. If the dream is in no way connected with your gastronomical preferences, then it is worth thinking about what smoked fish dreams about.

How can you decipher such a dream?

Total sleep

Many dream books say that the smoked fish you dreamed gives you serious trouble. And these troubles will be a consequence of the bad influence on you. The consequences may be the most unpredictable, even in prison. Therefore, after such a dream, it is worth analyzing your actions and plans. Then you can avoid both bad influence and its consequences.

Sleep features

In addition to the general unfavorable interpretation of such a dream for you, the dream books provide explanations of the circumstances in which you dreamed of smoked fish. How to interpret a dream depending on its features?

  • You choose smoked fish - this dream promises you trouble.Moreover, the larger the fish you choose, the more serious the trouble will be.
  • You save fish - you are expected by failure in the enterprise which seems to you successful and win-win.
  • You are treating someone or feeding smoked fish - you will succeed in confronting ill-wishers.
  • You eat smoked fish - a dream warns about the probability of falling into captivity (in the literal and figurative sense). It is possible that you will find yourself in a situation where you have to serve or please someone.
  • You take a rotten smoked fish in your hands - an inheritance or unexpected profit awaits you.

Eastern peoples have smoked fish in their dreams - a sign of adultery. For a man, this means that a love affair awaits him, for a woman - the trouble associated with flirting.

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