What do snakes eat?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
March 26, 2013
What do snakes eat?

Wild snakes are predators. They never eat vegetable food. Snakes exist on all continents. They are not on the Antarctic. Most snakes live in the subtropics, as well as in the tropics. There are both harmless and dangerous snakes. Large snakes are water boas, anaconda and reticulated python. They swallow their prey whole, thanks to the caustic digestive juices that accumulate in the body. Snakes lack powerful teeth. That is, they cannot chew food. They have only thin teeth, which are very similar to thin needles. These thin teeth help snakes get food. For example, a python, due to the structure of its teeth, can eat animals such as leopard and deer.

What do snakes eat

Snakes eat almost everything found in wildlife. They hunt shrews, frogs, rats, grasshoppers, mice, antelopes and birds. Snakes can also eat bird eggs. Large snake species feed on mammals, reptiles, fish and amphibians. Small snakes can eat other invertebrates, as well as insects. The prey they capture is still alive.When the snake swallows its prey, it widely spreads the branches of its lower jaw. This is possible thanks to the elastic bundles. A snake can swallow large prey for an entire hour. When a snake swallows its food, it can breathe. Thus, snakes can eat quite large prey. Some snakes eat only a few times a year, due to the fact that they eat very large animals.

For example, non-venomous snakes can swallow prey alive. They can also strangle prey with rings of their bodies. Poisonous snakes, thanks to poisonous teeth, kill their prey with poison. Little snakes hunt for termites. But there are also snakes who eat other snakes. For example, the snake (Copperhead) hunts for lizards. But it can also eat a small snake or viper. There are types of snakes that feed on only one type of food. This, for example, the arrow-snake. She eats only lizards. And the egg snake eats exclusively eggs of birds. Snakes hunt for small fish and frogs.

What do domestic snakes eat

The home snake is already a pet. He can not let go to hunt small rodents, rats.The snake is the kind of animal that requires special conditions of detention, as well as attention. It is better to buy a snake in specialized places, since these animals are already accustomed to captivity, artificial food and light. Not all snakes eat the same food. For example, someone eats ordinary mice, and someone eats lizards or frogs.

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