What epilation is better?

In order for women's skin to be smooth, delicate, and therefore attractive, today epilation is used - various methods to remove excess hair. But which epilation is better? How to determine the most effective way to remove body hair? Let's try to figure it out.

What is the best hair removal

To begin with, we outline the range of methods that we will consider. Today, 5 methods of hair removal are actively used: electro-epilation, laser, photo-epilation, ultrasound and also enzyme epilation. Most likely you are familiar with most of the ways. Now we will choose the safest method among them, but first we will briefly tell about each of them.

  • Enzyme hair removal. This is the name of the method by which special preparations are introduced into the hair follicles - enzymes that destroy them (the bulbs).
  • Ultrasonic hair removal. This method is based on the treatment of skin with ultrasound. In this case, it is necessary to apply a special gel to the skin in advance.
  • Photoepilation In this method, the hair follicles are destroyed by the directional influence of the light beam on them.
  • Laser hair removal.The method is similar to the method of photoepilation, only here instead of a light beam a special laser acts as a destroyer.
  • Electrolysis Subdivided, in turn, into several ways:
  • electrolysis or galvanic epilation - the method consists of a combination of the action of electric current and chemical substances;
  • thermolysis or shortwave method - this method is based on the thermal effect on the hair follicles;
  • double action method or blend method - a combination of electrolysis and thermolysis.

Now about what the most effective hair removal. Most experts on the effectiveness of exposure prefer different methods of electrolysis, since it is in such ways that it is best to destroy the hair follicles for a long time. However, electrolysis has its drawbacks. Firstly, it should be noted that this procedure is very painful. Secondly, electrolysis is contraindicated for patients with diabetes and suffering from various cardiovascular diseases, it should not be done for women with high blood pressure and those with varicose veins. In addition, electrolysis is prohibited to do pregnant women.And, finally, before starting this procedure, it is best to check the reaction on a small area of ​​the skin, since the formation of edema and other allergic reactions is possible.

Pros and cons of different methods

Laser hair removal could be called the most ideal method to combat excess hair, if not for one "but." The fact is that this method is effective only when exposed to dark hair, but on light hair, it will be completely invisible. Therefore, what is good for brunettes and brown-haired women, blondes is absolutely not suitable, alas.

As for photoepilation, it is practically painless, however, to achieve a sustainable effect (approximately 5 years without hair growth in the areas treated with this method), several sessions are necessary. But photoepilation is quite a sparing method and suits almost everyone.

Ultrasonic hair removal is painless and carried out fairly quickly, but its disadvantages can completely discourage women from using this method. First, before you do ultrasound hair removal, you must first carry out a painful hair removal procedure with wax.Secondly, to achieve a more or less stable result, you need to carry out several procedures, the interval between which should be a month and a half. Thirdly, ultrasonic hair removal does not completely remove the hair, but only slows their growth. And fourthly, the ultrasound does not have a very good effect on the skin and some traces may remain on it.

Finally, enzyme hair removal makes hair less noticeable and softer, but to obtain a sustainable result, you need to have regular sessions. And a few words about which wax is best for epilation. Here, the choice is best to entrust a specialist. But, as a rule, hot hair is better suited for epilation in the bikini area, and warm wax is suitable for legs.

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