What girls like guys?

The desire to like guys laid in the girls themselvesnature. This they daily devote a lot of time and energy, for hours looking at themselves in the mirror and making a march-throw in search of the necessary element of clothing or accessories. When the girl understands that the result is achieved, then her mood, working capacity and creativity rises. But in order to please the guy, you need to know his preferences. Despite the heterogeneity of tastes among men, there are a number of female characteristics that operate reliably on anyone. Let's try to analyze what girls like guys.

Appearance: how to dress

Armed with folk wisdom, which says,that they meet on clothes ... Yes, the first thing a guy will pay attention to is appearance. Everyone likes beautiful people. Only the understanding of beauty is different. Throwing aside all that is in the power of nature, we will pay attention to "man-made" beauty.

The girl should be well-groomed. It's not about half-meter false eyelashes or nails, but more trivial things. Never, under any circumstances and even in the most extreme situations, a girl can not tolerate slovenliness in clothes, hair, or face. "A girl who can maintain order on herself, is able to bring him in and out of life" is not an author's remark. This signal will give the guy a subconscious, intuition; call it whatever you want. Such girls like men. This is how you can lay the foundation stone of future relationships.

Accurate and harmonious image captivates a man. No, not the "last squeak" and not necessarily expensive. The main thing is that clothes emphasize the image and inherent dignity. Excessively open clothing will alienate the guy and will not contribute to the emergence of thoughts about serious relationships.

What girls like men: hairstyle

Most guys like long hair. Do not take this as an irresistible condition. It is unlikely that a man can stop the fact of the lack of long hair, if the girl causes his interest. The main thing is that the hair is clean and pleasantly smelling. And their healthy shine will remove all doubts that existed up to now. And do not paint your hair in your favorite color. Hair should be in harmony with the face, eye color, eyebrows, and not with the wishes of the surrounding people.

Excessive passion for makeup, too, does not promisecloudless future. A thick layer of cosmetics pushes men at the thought that the girl has something to hide or nothing more to shine. Bright and evocative colors and shades are more disfigured than adorned. Bright colors on the faces of the Indians were called to cause the enemy fear, but not love. Moreover, the trends of modern fashion tend toward naturalism. And busting with makeup, wig or perfume will testify, at least, about incompetence; and perhaps a bad taste.

Lovely ladies. It should be taken into account the fact that if a mysterious emptiness reveals itself behind a beautiful cover, the chances for success are zero. Spending a car of time and energy to create an image, only an irresponsible or weak-willed personality will allow himself to stop. Others will begin to actively improve beautiful manners and a common style of behavior.

What girls like more: manners

Looking at old movies, often hadto hear compliments to women who contained expressions such as "merry laughter," "delightful voice," or "charming manners," Times have changed, compliments have become less frequent, but preferences have remained the same.

First of all, it is desirable to understand that "woman" and"Femininity" is one-root words. The girl does not like to do rough or even sharp movements with her hands. It is also unacceptable to use them to express emotions. Long steps and heavy walking - this is the destiny of a man. The gait of a girl should be graceful, and movements are easy and natural.

Underneath the movements is developed and the mannerspeak. Loud and categorical phrases, dry or business tone from the lips of the girl sounds unnatural, like the man's coy way. The girl's voice should sound purely with a tinge, like the murmur of a spring brook. A girl likes it more, when her laughter remains ringing and expressive, like a bell ringing. We draw attention to the fact that the conversation is not about the gifts of nature, but about those qualities that one can cultivate in oneself.

Facial expression: facial expressions and internal state

Nowhere can the femininity in such adegree, as on the face. Women do not have to learn this. The ability to express gentleness and warmth is inherent in them from birth. Only one should get rid of the hardness of the eyes developed over time, the habit of frowning or of building an unsightly mine. Enough to allow the eyes to radiate heat, and the face to smile beautifully, as the muscles themselves will remember everything that their nature has endowed. The person's character is reflected on the face. It is known not only by women, but also by men.

Where did the opinion that men likesilly "pochetchki" difficult to answer. But to answer that this is not so with a definite certainty right now. Stupid people do not like anyone. Therefore, it's important to keep talking. Successful jokes or other displays of sense of humor will be adequately appreciated by any man. Smart girls like guys.

And further. A woman who looks happy, can not help but like. Happiness is an external expression of inner beauty, if you want. That's why always and all, great attention is paid to inner beauty. The inner spiritual light attracts much more than physical beauty. This explains the statement that men love some women, and for marriage they choose quite different.

A few tips

Sometimes it will not be superfluous to somehow hint to the guy that he is not indifferent. Saying this in words is impossible in any case, but to express it with gestures is the most:

  • to look at the chosen one in the eye should be more often, and to delay his view a little longer than the situation requires;
  • to force unconsciously to feel someone's disposition of a person, movements that repeat the characteristic for him;
  • an innocent and seemingly accidental touch of the hand or, say, a shoulder will create a certain atmosphere of intimacy. A positive signal will be a similar act on his part;
  • all guys like to watch the girl play with her hair. You can make the right impression and achieve the desired goal, leaning back, adjusting the hair;
  • periodically meeting with a guy who does notis indifferent, you can be greeted and at the same time it is very nice to smile. The young man will necessarily pay attention to it and it is quite possible that soon he will find himself an occasion to meet again to see a smile and smile in return;
  • the request for help will enable the guy to show his strength and indispensability, and for the girl - this is a real chance to express gratitude, praise (the men are to this padki) and invite to a cup of coffee;
  • it's good to find out the presence of mutual friends during a conversation, which will help you later to be in the same company. Perhaps this will be the case about which they say: "at the right time in the right place";
  • and finally, is not it time to flirt? Flirt in no way can discredit or humiliate. This is a normal process. Just do not go beyond the bounds of decency.

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