What is the best gold test, 585 or 750?

The most popular metal for making jewelry is gold. In order for rings, earrings, chains, etc., to serve and delight you with their appearance as long as possible, you should acquire them in proven places and pay special attention to the material. Many wonder what the best gold sample is. Of course, to understand, you must first understand what the markings on each precious item.

Carat rating system

What is better gold

To determine which gold sample is better in the USA, Canada or any European country, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of the system of determining the quality of the precious metal by carats adopted in Paris in 1907. In our country, only gems and organics (pearls) used in jewelry are estimated in this way. The highest breakdown on the French system will be gold labeled 24 carats. This system determines the composition of the alloy of the share of pure gold, by which one can judge the value of the metal. So, in a product with a twelve carat indicator of pure precious metal, only 50% will be used, the rest is ligatures.

Spool system

To find out which gold sample is better, a special spool valve was used in Russia before 1927. This method of evaluation was established by Peter I and was also tied to the percentage (fractional) content of the precious metal in the final alloy. The maximum value was an indicator of 96 aurum shares in a pound of an ingot or product.
what is the best gold sample

When it was necessary to move to international standards, this method of assessment has sunk into oblivion. He was replaced by a new metric system, which is used to this day. It is important to know that this is precisely the version of the assessment that is today the most accurate and is regulated in Russia by the state standard.

Metric system

This method of evaluation is the marking of alloys with three-digit codes. Each of them determines the number of grams of pure gold in one kilogram of alloy. What is the best gold sample in this case? Of course, 999, but it can only be found in medicine, serious technical or scientific developments, and in the form of ingots that make up the state’s gold reserves. In addition to the highest test, in our country today, other, less valuable, but more on them later, are common.

In general, to understand, for example, which sample of gold is better - 583 or 585 - you should know that the marking indicates the percentage of this aurum in the alloy. That is, it will be there 58.3% or 58.5%, respectively.

Auxiliary alloyswhat gold test is better than 583 or 585

A very interesting fact for connoisseurs of precious jewelry: even within one sample, the color of the product can be completely different. This is influenced by the composition of the alloy ligature, which may include:

  • nickel;
  • platinum;
  • copper;
  • palladium;
  • aluminum;
  • silver;
  • zinc.

Each additional ingredient allows the final alloy to acquire certain properties. Nickel makes the product harder, palladium, on the contrary, plastic. Copper gives the jewelry a reddish tint, and white gold is obtained when silver and palladium are added to the composition.
what gold test is better than 585

Platinum can be added to the alloy by no less than 8%, since only in such a minimum amount can it provide increased strength to the final product.

Higher samples

To understand which gold sample is better, it is necessary to understand the features of each alloy. In the form of ingots, the precious metal is offered today with the identifier 999.This indicator is considered the maximum and is necessary for the manufacture of ingots that provide gold reserves of states or large organizations. Products from it require special storage conditions, since pure gold is very soft and can be damaged even with minimal mechanical impact.

One of the highest samples is considered the 980th. Products from it are of numismatic value, and the alloy itself is called ducat.

Of particular value to collectors are coins with a sample of 969, since they were made only during the reign of Peter I.

Also, the highest samples should include alloys with identifiers 958, 950, 916 and 900. Products of them can be extremely rare to meet. Most often these are investment coins or rewards.

The most popular alloy

Most often for the manufacture of copyright jewelry gold applied 750th sample. Such an alloy contains 75% pure aurum in a kilogram and only 25% ligature. Depending on the composition of the latter, the products may have different characteristics of strength and color, but the cost of such decoration will always be an order of magnitude higher than that of a ring with a lower marking.

If you choose which sample of gold is better - 585 or 750, then the latter one can highlight a number of advantages. First of all, it is high strength and wear resistance. Jewelry from such an alloy will keep its original appearance for a long time.
what gold test is better than 585 or 750

Jewelers appreciate this sample as it is only from this alloy that you can create really amazing masterpieces with the smallest details, because due to the high content of aurum the material becomes very plastic. Well, in conclusion: products made from this metal have always been considered prestigious.

Golden mean

This name is perfectly suitable for gold products with a marking of 585. This alloy is the most popular because it is available to most citizens with average incomes and at the same time is characterized by rather high strength and wear resistance. It is provided with a high content of copper in the ligature (almost 34%). Among the jewelry can be found and slightly different markings 583, 586 or 587. The main advantage of this option is a significant part in the alloy of ligature, due to the composition of which you can give the products a variety of shades and characteristics.By taking white metals as an addition, you can get classic white gold by adding copper and silver — pink, yellow or red.

If the buyer is interested in which sample of gold is better - 583 or 585, then not a single jeweler will definitely answer this question, both metals have almost the same characteristics. The only important difference is that 583 samples are not recognized by international standards, which may be important.

Low grade alloys

Gold with markings of 500, 525 and 555, although it exists, is not used by jewelers. The fact is that such compositions have poor casting characteristics, and good masters simply do not work with them. When buying such a product should be borne in mind that very often come across a fake.

Alloys with markings 417, 375, and 333 are considered low-grade ones. Products made from them are equal to jewelry and have practically no value. Of course, if you want to wear gold if you want to save money as much as possible, then such jewelry may well fit. If you are interested in which sample of gold is better - 585 or 375, then you definitely need to choose the first option. Such products will be ideal for everyday wear and will retain their qualities for a long time, while slightly reducing the cost of purchasing jewelry made of precious metal.

Alloy 375 samples often used in jewelry in the USSR due to its high strength and low cost. Of course, the disadvantages of such decoration were always fast oxidation and the appearance of a dark deposit, so if you are interested in which gold sample is better than 585, then it is better to pay attention to higher marking values, and not vice versa.


what gold test is better than 585 or 375

So, only after a detailed consideration of the characteristics of each of the alloys offered today on the market, one can determine for himself the most suitable option. Which sample of gold is better depends primarily on its scope. In the production of jewelry, only 750 and 585 samples have optimal characteristics, and if necessary, use metal not for beauty, but for accuracy, it is better to work with high-grade compounds.

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