What is a fantasy?

December 25, 2014
What is a fantasy?

Have you ever played forfeits? If not, then you probably do not know what a fant is. Consider the meaning of this word.

Fant: definition

So, the word fant comes from the German phand (entered Russian through the Polish fantasy), which means “pledge”, “pledge”. That is the meaning of the word in the same-name entertaining game "forfeits".

The essence of the game is that participants need to perform various comic tasks. Each player puts his or her own item in a hat or bag - it can be a scarf, a watch, a lighter, jewelry, etc. or just a leaf with your name. Lead gets one of these items. The participant who owns this item must perform a certain task (dance, wash the dishes, sing a song, draw a master, etc.), which was indicated earlier. The more absurd and "riskier" the task, the more interesting. You can learn more about the rules of the game in the article How to play forfeits.

Such an item-lot is called a phantom ("Who owns this fant?").In addition, the so-called comic task ("What a light fant got to you!"), As well as the participant who fell for it ("What should this fanta do?"), Is also called so.

The game of forfeits can be built differently - any tasks are written down on sheets of paper, each participant in turn pulls out a piece of paper and executes any fant. There are other games with the use of phantas - things that are pledged if you break the rules or make mistakes, in order to return them later.

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