What is a gamepad?

December 19, 2014
What is a gamepad?

With the beginning of the era of computers, new terms began to come into our everyday life to refer to different things. Often in a conversation you can hear these terms and not understand what they mean and what it is about. For example, the new term "gamepad" appeared when the first console was released.

Let's take a closer look at what a gamepad is.

Definition of the word gamepad

“Gamepad” or “joystick” is a special device to control the game on a computer or console with the help of keys. The gamepad looks like a remote control that needs to be held with two hands when used for convenience and maximum efficiency in control.

Gamepad allows you to interact with consoles or computer. This device appeared for the first time with the Nintendo prefix and changed and evolved many times over the last decades. Modern gamepads can be seen in the computer store from the Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Modern gamers use gamepads in conjunction with the console, and with the computer.

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