What is a parameter?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
February 2, 2015
What is a parameter?

Parameter. This word is quite widely used in Russian. Translated from the Greek parametron, the parameter means “measuring”. Therefore, many shades of the meaning of a given word have one common meaning in the basis - this is compliance with something, with some definite norms.

This word is used in various styles. Of course, basically - this is a technical term used in the scientific literature. However, often the word "parameter" is used in business communication, and simply in everyday speech. Consider the meaning of this word.

Values ​​of the word "parameter"

  • First, it is a technical term that refers to the characteristics of a device, property, system. The parameter in this case has its own value, which determines its compliance with the necessary standards. For example: "The manager explained in detail what the main parameters of this writing device are."
  • Parameters in the generalized sense are called any indicators of weight, size, mass, speed, stress, and other things.The parameters in this case are the basis for monitoring the course of any action, the compliance of the created object of labor with the norms. For example: "The productivity of each worker in an enterprise is primarily calculated by matching its machined parts with the parameters laid down in the contract with the customer."
  • The word “parameter” is also used in everyday speech when it comes to the need to conform to something, for example, the ideal representation and figure of a woman.

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