What is a pat and what are professional players using it for?

Chess, like any other board game, provides for the presence of many different concepts, not knowing which, it is unrealistic to learn how to play. After all, it is important not only to think logically, to be able to equip successful combinations, but also to learn by heart the rules of this game, as well as all the existing terms. This is necessary, first of all, in order to be able to show your abilities and knowledge in the right situation. For example, it is very important to know what a stalemate in chess means. Let us dwell on this issue in more detail.

What is a stalemate in chess

The definition of a stalemate in translation from Italian and French sounds like a "game in a draw." You can create a stalemate by reaching a position in which a chess player who has received the right to move cannot make it. What does it mean? In other words, when the turn turns, the pieces and pawns of such a player are deprived of the opportunity to make a move, and the king is not under check. Only in this case can a draw be awarded.what is pat

Concept of stalemate

Pat is a kind of draw on a chessboard, the probability of occurrence of which is equally equal in absolutely any game. This situation is the impossibility to go king, some other piece and even a pawn when a turn turns. Of course, if other conditions are met. One of the main things is the absence of the Shah to the king of the side that does not have the opportunity to walk.stalemate in chess

It is in this situation, according to the rules of chess, you can fix a draw between opponents. If such a position is fixed in the tournament, each of the opponents gets a half point.

Is Pat worth

Learning chess implies a mandatory study of the stalemate in the game. In tournaments it is rare. However, the stalemate still exists and an experienced chess player can even use this provision to achieve his own goals. Therefore, a novice player should know him well.

What is the draw in chess used for? Well-trained masters who can figure out moves in advance can notice the threat of defeat during the game and try to end the game in such a way as to put the enemy in a stalemate position.With this they will achieve the award of a draw.pat and mate

Difference of terms

Pat and mate differ from each other by a single feature: during the frosted position, the king of the defending chess player is declared a check. In this case, the player is not possible to make a king move to the next cell or protect it. Placing pawns and other figures, as well as having the opportunity to go in such a situation, does not matter. Indeed, after the declaration of the Shah to the king, the player is obliged to protect the figure from a strike or to transfer it to another cell.

In a matte situation, the victory will be awarded to the player who actually announced the mat. As part of the tournament, the player will be awarded one point for a positive result. The defeated opponent will get zero for the loss. Although it should be said that in some tournaments, rules are individually declared according to which a stalemate in chess is recognized as a defeat. Under such conditions, the player is not awarded even half a point. True, such rules at the professional level of the game are extremely rare.

As often occurs pat

Most often, the stakes are fixed in those situations when the defending player has almost no pieces left. For example, there is only one king on the cells of a chess player. There are other cases.Often there is a situation in which the player is left with a king and several pawns, while the player simply does not have the opportunity to go because they run into enemy pieces, and besides, all the cells near the king of the defending player are also occupied with various pieces or pawns. under the control of the enemy, because of which there is no possibility to make a move.

As a rule, an experienced chess player puts his opponent in a difficult position if he loses in terms of forces in the chess field. Knowing what a pat is, a competent player will be able to escape from defeat in this way.what does the stalemate mean in chess

In games with the participation of high-class chess players with a classic time reference, this situation is extremely rare. But players of blitz tournaments and fast games, as well as participants with an average level of training, quite often resort to a similar trick. It is extremely easy for chess players, who know what a stalemate is, to turn the duel into the desired position and achieve a draw.

Application of knowledge in practice

Even a novice player can put an opponent in the position of a stalemate or mate, subject to serious preparation,appropriate training and knowledge of such simple basic concepts as: what is a stalemate, how does it differ from the mat and in which case should it be used.

In addition, it is very important not only to use well-known winning combinations, but also to try to develop your own successful moves. Knowing what a stalemate is and how to use it in practice, you can even turn off the most losing situation in your favor and take advantage of it from the game. In the extreme case, when the game is nearing defeat, you can at least bring it to a draw and earn at least half a point in a tournament. Perhaps such a move would be much better than to fail and not earn anything in the tournament rating table.what is stalemate in chess definition

Studying chess theory and practice, novice chess players certainly pass through the previously played games, ending with a stalemate, in order to see this situation in reality. This avoids unforeseen situations. After all, knowing what a stalemate is and how to use it to your advantage in practice, you can insure yourself against an undesired loss and lead the game to a positive outcome for yourself.

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What is a pat and what are professional players using it for? 50

What is a pat and what are professional players using it for? 60

What is a pat and what are professional players using it for? 77

What is a pat and what are professional players using it for? 67

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