What is a rhetorical question?

Alena Bondar
Alena Bondar
March 25, 2013
What is a rhetorical question?

In popular science, journalistic and artistic styles of speech are often used rhetorical questions. So what is the rhetorical question and what is it used for? Firstly, this is a sentence that has an interrogative structure and conveys a message with any information. The purpose of using the rhetorical question is not to get an answer, but to express expression of emotions in the statement of the speaker.

How is the rhetorical question used in literary speech? First of all, the rhetorical question is a question that does not require an answer. Such an interrogative statement can determine the answer already known to all.

Examples of the rhetorical question will most accurately describe the examples: "How long will we still humbly endure such an injustice?" This question, without implying an answer, is aimed at underlining the fact that people suffer injustice for quite a long time and a hint that there is enough injustice and it is necessary to fight it.

Thus, the great poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin and the famous playwright William Shakespeare, with the help of rhetorical questions, sought not to get an answer, but to draw the attention of readers to the problem in question.

The main point of using a rhetorical question in oral and written speech is to increase the expressiveness of the utterance used. These turns are characterized by convention, which consists in the absence of the need to use interrogative or exclamatory intonation and grammatical forms in phrases that do not require it. This allows a phrase containing such revolutions to acquire a shade that is distinguished by its special emphasis and enhanced expressiveness. Rhetorical questions, also called figures, belong to peculiar syntactic structures that can give special meaning and expressiveness to the narration.

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