What is a volt?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
February 1, 2015
What is a volt?

Volt is a unit of measurement, a card trick, a swordsman’s reception, a magic wax doll .... In general, the word has a lot of meanings. Let's take a closer look at what a volt is in each of these values.

Volt as a unit of measurement

Volt is a unit of measurement enshrined in the International System of Units. Officially introduced in 1861. Voltage measures electrical voltage as well as electrical potential and electromotive force.

1 volt is equal to the electrical voltage that occurs in a circuit with a current of 1 amp (What ampere) and a power of 1 Watt in it.

A volt is the electrical voltage at the ends of the conductor, which is required to release heat in it with a power of 1 Watt, while the current flowing in the conductor must be 1 ampere.

This unit of measurement got its name in honor of the Italian scientist Alessandro Volta (Alessandro Volta), who invented the volt pole - a device with which electricity was obtained at the dawn of electrical engineering.

Volt in sport

Volt in horse riding is called a sharp turn or a circle that the rider describes in the arena. Volt in the meaning of "sharp turn" is also often used in gymnastics and acrobatics. In fencing volts - a sharp departure from the attack of the enemy.

Volt like a card trick

Card players are also familiar with the word volt. In this case, the Volt is called card fraud. Reception involves framing the two parts of the deck, allowing you to move the card of interest either down or up the deck

Volt in magic

Most of us have heard the phrase "voodoo doll", but not everyone knows that a wax doll, personifying the object of a magical ritual, is also called Volt. Many believe that the volt is used only for black magic - damage and love spells, however, in fact, making a miniature copy of a person can be used in magic and for good purposes.

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