What is a piece?

The word work has many interpretations, it is a musical composition, and literary, artistic and other works of art. The product is called a mathematical action, as well as the process of creating something, associating it with the word "production". In this article we will consider what is a work in the broadest sense of the word.


Let's start with the concept that is most often used in conjunction with the word "work". This is a literary work. Even the smallest in terms of literary forms have the status of works. Novels, novels, series of short stories, plays are works of literature, as are humorous couplets of five to seven words. All of these forms are called works of literary genre, which have an author. This is their main difference. It should be noted here that it is very difficult to call folk works literary, because they do not have a specific author. Songs, legends, epics, proverbs and sayings refer to folklore works that have been written over many centuries by the people.


Everything that is drawn by a human hand on the most various surfaces and having artistic value is artwork. The most popular surface, of course, is canvas and paper equivalent to it. On canvas, artists of different epochs, countries, directions of creativity painted and painted. The canvas is stretched onto the frame, then with a talented, or not very, hand plot. Then the finished picture is framed by a frame. Also, artists painted and wood, and dishes, any household items, including the walls of houses. Unfortunately, as in any work, there are artists who create paintings that can not be called a work of art. The lack of talent, taste, breeds kitsch, so they have nothing with the works of artistic culture and painting.

Music pieces

The musical work is characterized by beautiful harmony, created on the basis of only seven notes. The musician is akin to God, he creates almost from nothing, and it turns out beautiful music that has lived for many years and even centuries. It is impossible to imagine that future generations will be able to forget Mozart. And who would have remembered who Salieri was, if not Pushkin with his immortal literary work. But Salieri’s music will not be remembered by the ordinary listener.So what is the difference between one creation and another? If a work is what is produced, made, created, then Salieri also has works. Only Mozart created immortal musical creations, his works are brilliant. And how many people who considered themselves musicians, too, tried to create and thought that music came out from under their pen! Theoretically it is. In fact, this statement is a big question.

Genres of works

Creative works have a wide variety of genres. After the most popular, which we have already described, after literature, painting and music, there are circus, cinema, animation, singing, theater, even sculpture and architecture. All genres of the work have common features. They are designed to transform reality artistically and convey to the viewer their most important thought. Different in works of art only ways of conveying these thoughts - painting, dance, poetry, plastic and much more. Does this mean that there is no truth in works of art? Of course have. But the true image of life is not a work. Only imposed on artistic fiction and plot, the work becomes a creative object.

Mathematical work

Another interpretation of the word "work" is mathematical.If, on the one hand, there are two or several multipliers in equality, then on the other side of the equal sign there is a product. The product of numbers is the sum of one multiplier repeated as many times as there are units in the second multiplier. This is one of the four simplest mathematical operations. The product of numbers is indicated by a point, a cross or an asterisk, but this sign is often missed and written, for example, like this: 2а, 5в, ав. All this means the product of factors, numbers, or alphabetic variables.

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