What is alternative rock?

Music is an integral part of everyone's liferights. Without it, the world would simply not exist. One of the most popular trends in music today is considered alternative rock. He managed to combine in a whole different styles of rock music, which oppose themselves to the traditional. Back in the 80s, it was known about this grouping of directions in music. Today, alternative rock is divided into two stages: the first and the second. The latter is considered the most advanced, successful and popular. This term is most often heard in America, in fact, it was there that he was first applied.alternative rock

In our time there are a lot of rock bands, and to whomgive their preference - everyone's business. Performers try to surprise and please the audience with something new and unusual. Every day young, newly created groups try to break into the world of show business. It is worth noting that the foreign alternative rock appeared due to the famous "Liverpool four". Now they are considered a legend, and every musician tries to imitate their creativity. The most popular bands after them were Korn, Evanescence, Muse, Nirvana and Rammstein. They are known and have worldwide fame even now. For example, the first of the groups was formed in 1993 and became so popular due to its hit "Remember Who You Are". The second group was created three years after Korn and became known for its album "Fallen".best alternative rock

Since then, alternative rock began to develop moremore rapidly. The groups experimented with directions, music and tried to create something extraordinary that could hit the audience. Thanks to this zeal and purposefulness, each person can appreciate the versatility and feel the energy, drive and life in each of the works of rock music.foreign alternative rock

Alternative rock is divided into three regions: USA, Russia and Great Britain. In each of them, it developed in its own way, and in the east it is generally called "alternative music". In America, this flow appeared in the 80's. Thanks to the bands that decided to combine punk rock, mainstream and folk music, this direction turned out. The greatest success at that time was the group R.E.M. It was believed that it was in the United States that the best alternative rock was produced. In Russia, he appeared a little later, and the pioneer in this direction was the group "Oak Gaia". They tried to play, combining styles such as trip-hop and rapcor. The beginning of development of this type of music is considered to be the 90s. As for Britain, there was an alternative rock in the mid-1980s. The groups tried to connect indie pop with indie rock and they did it pretty well. The most popular at that time was the band The Smiths. At the same time, other performers have tried themselves in this genre, and the representatives of this trend are in fact very many.

Each of the above countriescontribution to the development of alternative rock. That is why this musical subculture is so diverse, and its main representatives, distinguished by their bright personality, are so different from each other.

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