What is an incubator?

March 19, 2015
What is an incubator?

The word "incubator" was originally used mainly in connection with the rearing of birds, but in recent years it has become commonplace in business. In this article we will explain what an incubator is in different senses of the word.

Incubator: definition

The word "incubator" comes from the Latin verb "incubare", meaning "to hatch chicks." Initially, the incubators were used precisely for this. A special apparatus allows to maintain the temperature and humidity necessary for the chicks to successfully develop in the eggs. The incubator makes it possible to remove agricultural birds in a much larger number than with the natural incubation of eggs. To learn how to build such a device yourself, read our article How to make an incubator.

There are also incubators for growing fry of fish and silkworm caterpillars. They also create special conditions that are ideal for the development of a particular type of fish or insects.

Business incubator

New use of the word "incubator" found in business. By analogy with these incubators for rearing chicks, business incubators are organizations that help young entrepreneurs get on their feet. Such organizations provide support to promising business projects at all stages of development - from the emergence of the idea to the introduction into the market.

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