What is autism?

Anton Kravchenko
Anton Kravchenko
July 30, 2012
What is autism?

Cinema has long been romanticized image of a patient with autism. But this disease is both a mystery and a headache for psychiatrists. What is autism? Let's talk about it.

Autism is a serious, incurable disease that most often manifests itself in the first years of life. Autistic patients are not able to form emotional relationships with people around them.

Manifestations of autism

People with autism are having communication problems. For example, they cannot understand the meaning of certain words, as well as the meaning of ordinary human actions, such as a handshake.

An autistic patient cannot build relationships with other people. In a child, this is manifested in the impossibility of emotional contact with the mother; an adult almost never makes friends.

An autist can often encounter obsessive non-focused behavior. For example, he can constantly clap his hands, tiptoe, leave the house only on even days.Autistic patients are very attached to their things, so the transition from winter to summer clothes, and sometimes just a shirt change can lead to a nervous breakdown. Subjects that can be unscrewed or disassembled are most preferred by patients with autism. This paradise for such a patient is to be alone in a room with many such items.

Often, mental retardation can be a characteristic sign of autism. But this does not always happen. There are cases when patients had absolutely amazing memory and thinking.

The tendency is found that autism occurs several times more often in men than in women. Also, scientists say that the disease occurs primarily at the genetic level. It is also interesting that patients with autism sometimes have unusual properties - an incredible memory, the ability to perform complex mathematical operations in the head, the ability to notice the smallest details.

What is autism in children?

The first signs of autism can be found in early childhood. For many parents, this is a terrible disease, because the child is completely not attached to the mother, sometimes even looks at her as someone else.It is also difficult to care for children, because they are very poorly assimilated household and social skills.

Autism in children may increase over the years, or, conversely, almost abyss.

What is autism, any psychiatrist can now say, and yet a few decades ago this disease was defined as schizophrenia, mental retardation, etc. Autism is now extremely common. It is estimated that every eighth person is autistic in any way.

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