What is family?

To become successful in the modern world does not always mean to have a good car, real estate or climb the career ladder. The family plays a huge role in the success of any person. And in most cases, it becomes the most valuable gift of fate for each of us. We, as a rule, value our family members and listen to their advice. We will discuss what is family and how to achieve harmony in relations with family in our article.

What is family: definition

A family is a group of people based on kinship or marriage. Perhaps you have already assumed that such a family. But do not forget that, by definition, family members are linked together by mutual assistance, common life and legal, as well as moral responsibility. The family is the property of social values. From the moment of his birth, each person already possesses such a characteristic as the family-marital status. In life, you can often hear the question: what is a family? The definition is also given in family law. It states that a family is a group of persons bound by property and non-property duties and rights arising from kinship, marriage, or adoption.

To assimilate the definition of a family, familiarize yourself with its main features:

  1. Cohabitation;
  2. the presence of common children (in most cases);
  3. observance of the rights and obligations provided by the law;
  4. the presence of a material and moral community;
  5. mutual support of family members.

Family structure

The family structure is taken into account during population censuses and plays an important role in the life of society and the state. At the moment there are many types of families with its various organizations:

  • For example, a monogamous family differs from a polygamous one in that it usually consists of two partners. While in a polygamous family, one spouse can have several marital partners at once.
  • The family can be same-sex and opposite-sex. A Swedish family is a family in which three people (two of whom are of the same sex) live together. In this case, the relationship between partners may be different and does not always imply joint sex.
  • Families can vary in the number of children and are divided into several types: a childless family; one-child family (1 child); small family (1-2 children); average family (3-4 children); large family (from 5 children);
  • In modern society, the most common nuclear family.What is a nuclear family and what is its feature? The nuclear family consists of one marriage couple with or without children. A difficult family includes several generations (grandparents, sisters and their husbands, brothers and their wives, nephews, etc.)
  • One of the vulnerable groups of the population is a young family. What is a young family and how is it different from other families? The fact is that a family can be considered young if it meets the following parameters: the age of the spouses must be from 18 to 30 years; marriage must be entered into for the first time, and the duration of the marriage should not exceed 3 years.

What is family resources: their species

To meet the needs of family members, it is necessary to have certain resources that can ensure the development of the individual, as well as his livelihoods. Family resources are material, cash and productive assets, opportunities, values ​​and sources of income.

There are several types of resources:

  • Material resources. Include any real estate, home appliances and vehicles.
  • Labor resources. Imply a family member with their ability to manage a household.
  • Financial resources. Includes money, securities, bank accounts, etc.
  • Technological resources. Used repair technology, cooking technology, etc.

How to build family happiness

A lot of books have been written about what happiness of a family is and how to achieve that harmony. But in order to create a solid foundation in the family, it is necessary to work on yourself and develop the necessary qualities. They will help you to experience both ups and downs. Thus, to build marital happiness, you must have understanding, respect, and self-sacrifice to your partner. Be responsible for your happiness and remember that it is common to you. No "I" in the family does not exist, only "we". So you will create a strong and happy family.

What is a family for children, and what should be the conditions for their development? For a child, a family is, first of all, an environment in which the conditions of his mental, physical, intellectual and emotional development are laid. In order for this development to take place, you must pay attention to raising the child and conduct various activities with him. It is also necessary to find the contact with the child, in which you can identify his interests and fit into them.If your child is of pre-school age, then pay attention to the development of the semantic sphere so that in the future the child will not have problems with obtaining new information and personal development.

Thus, in order to find out what a family is, an essay will be meaningless. Listen to the information presented in our article, and remember that the happiness of a family depends only on you.

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