What is forbidden in Disneyland

20-08-2017, 09:02
It would seem that in the “Happiest Place on Earth” it is permissible to do everything that only pleases your soul, and yet there are several prohibitions for the violation of which you can be expelled from Disneyland.

For example, you should not bother costumed characters, walk at the head of the procession on the Electric Parade of Main Street, you can not bring strong drinks, for example, rum, to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, in order to drink them with pirates. But there are even stranger bans, you would never have thought that for such you can be expelled from Disneyland.
Here are six rules that will help you not to hit the face in the dirt:

Do not bring balloons with you.
Balloons can be seen everywhere in Disneyland, but do not appear with them in the theme park "Animal Kingdom". They are banned “for the sake of our animals,” as written on the Disneyland website. This is due to the fact that the balls burst, and a loud sound can scare the animals, and the balls that have slipped from the hands can fly into the cages, and the animals accidentally (or intentionally) can eat them. In addition, plastic straws and lids are also banned in the "Animal Kingdom".
Do not bring folding chairs.
At the rides in Disneyland is difficult to get because of the long queues. Probably, people tried to somehow alleviate the painful "standing in line", sitting on a folding chair. But, alas, with such chairs is forbidden to appear in an amusement park.
Do not bring packed gifts
All large bags, packages and convolutions inspect at the entrance to the park. So your wrapped gift will be broken to see if there is a bomb inside. If the guard at the entrance doesn’t find anything like that, the surprise for you will be spoiled, and the mood, probably, too. It is unlikely that you want to continue your walk through the park.

You can't run
In Disneyland there is always so much interesting and so little time for all this - but do not rush to run from the attraction to the attraction, as it is not allowed to run here. Obviously, in this way, they want smaller visitors to stumble, collide with each other, and that children do not fight off from their parents.
You can not flaunt indecent tattoos
We hurry to reassure the owners of the tattoo, do not worry, this ban applies only to those of you whose tattoos contain words and images of a reprehensible character. By the way, this also applies to inscriptions and drawings on T-shirts.Of course, the question arises - what exactly qualifies as undesirable. For example, the inscription "I LOVE SATAN" would be considered reprehensible? Perhaps you just need to do tattoo with less defiant inscriptions.

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