What is hell really?

Philosophical thoughts of us, fortunately, visit infrequently. But sometimes people think about what awaits them after death. This issue is especially acute for those who are guilty of sin and understands this. They clergy of all denominations promise hellish torment. You can, of course, brush aside and sin in your pleasure. Only not everyone succeeds. Frightening terrible suspense. What is hell? What are we being offered to be afraid of? Let's see.

what is hell

People's interpretations

Let's try to understand what hell is from the stories of people who are ignorant. After all, they often speak of him in vain. It is believed that this is a very scary place. In him the soul of a sinner is always tormented. Grandmothers ecstatically broadcast to their grandchildren about large frying pans and boilers standing on the fire in which those who do not obey the commandments of the Lord are fried. Imagine this, of course, quite difficult. After all, we all face death. The body of a person loses. It remains in this world and rests in the earth. How will it be cooked in a boiler? This is the first question that arises from grandchildren trying to understand what hell is. In fact, this is not about bodies, but about souls.That part of a person that cannot be seen or touched is probably immortal. She was prepared for terrible torment, if a comrade had sinned during his life. And who and how will plunge the soul into suffering? It's hard to imagine. After all, man has not yet decided on the concept of the soul. She - something ephemeral, not having a physical image. How to torment her? So it turns out that, apart from pans on bonfires and devils, nothing comes to the believer’s head. They try to explain what hell and death are, based on earthly experience. And this is not true. After all, the soul enters a different world, obeying, most likely, other laws.

what is hell and death

Where did all these pans come from?

It should be noted that such a hell, people have always tried to imagine and understand. Moreover, the clergy to them about him constantly repeated. Yes, and in the literature there is a mention of fiery hell. The very phrase agitated the imagination of the common people. They just did not know its origin, so they invented all kinds of nonsense. In ancient times, hena was called a garbage dump near Jerusalem. Also the way the place is unpleasant. She was constantly infested with worms and rats, stinkers, burned. Since the local population was well acquainted with this unpleasant way, they decided to cite him as an example of the eternal dwelling of sinners.Believe me, no one wanted to be in a landfill, exuding infection, for a long time. It was impossible and very scary to live there. This is a kind of "anti-advertising" for the ancient inhabitants of Jerusalem. Since the phrase was included in the sacred texts, it was preserved, having lost touch with the prototype. Now fire hell is a terrible place where the soul of a dead sinner suffers.

what the hell is in terms of the bible

What is hell in terms of the Bible

It should be noted that in the sacred book of believers death is not paid much attention. From some texts it can be understood that the soul will await the Last Judgment. The Lord will call and sentence every one who ever lived on earth. This statement suggests that the soul is immortal. What, by the way, the texts say. Indeed, after the terrible Court, people are prepared for eternal life. And its purpose is also described. Each will study the infinite variety of the Lord embodied in the world. But about where the soul will wait for a call to the court, says not so much. Hell is the place where sinners will suffer. It is filled with "weeping and gnashing of teeth ...". That is what the scripture says. And this is not a hint of physical suffering, which cause screams and moans, but of torments of conscience.After all, it is such a reaction that causes a person to think about the wrong, unjust act caused to someone offense or another sin.

what the hell is and where is it

Differences in interpretations of Catholics and Orthodox

It should be noted that people of different faiths in their own way represented what hell and paradise are. In general, they read the same sacred texts, but interpreted them in accordance with existing experience and worldview. Catholics call hell purgatory. They are sure that souls do not just suffer. They work off their sins in this way, are cleansed. There is something “capitalist” in this approach. Do you agree? Pay negative emotions for the right to ever go to heaven! This feels pragmatic approach. Orthodox is another matter. They talk about tribulations. The soul is in darkness, far from the Lord, therefore it suffers. This is reminiscent of the fate of an outcast, a man cut off from his homeland and family. He is not ill from physical or mental pain, but because the most valuable thing is taken away - intimacy with the Lord. Agree, a slightly different approach. However, the real fate of the soul after death is hardly dependent on the interpretations of individual confessions.

what is hell and heaven

Opinion esoteric

Not only religious ministers are trying to explain what hell is and where it is located. There are many schools involved in spiritual growth of personality. Their leading figures and creators also relate to the issue being described. They represent the soul in the form of a bunch of energy. It is clear that frying it in the pan will not work. Therefore, we chose a different coordinate system. The universe, they say, consists of many worlds. We in earthly life know only a small part of it. But after death, we are destined to exist in another part of the grand universe. It can be imagined as a chain of embedded worlds from dark to light. Some even describe their levels. Depending on the sinfulness of a person’s life, his soul moves to the place he deserves. If he was a terrible villain, he would be at the lowest level. There will be in the dark, without communication and creativity. The lack of the ability to study and receive information is what the hell means in their interpretation. Probably, such a theory has the right to exist. Imagine yourself what will happen if you are put in a deaf cell, deprived of communication with the outside world? Last long?

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Where is hell?

This question also interests many. People in past centuries even tried to find him. Clearly, all the experiments were unsuccessful. After all, according to beliefs, it is possible to get to this terrible place only after death. And there will be no one to tell about this experience. Indeed, from the other world no one could return except Jesus. And he, of course, did not fall into purgatory. So people have to be inquisitive with the help of imagination to try to understand what hell is. Definition they gave him. This is the place where the soul suffers. But specifically, of course, no one knows anything. And the experiments do not allow the level of development of science. One thing is clear: fire hell, unlike its prototype, is not on our planet. By the way, a couple of centuries ago they tried to place him on Mars. But with the development of astronomy, such an idea was abandoned. Now science has hardened the multivariance of the universe. Already no one argues with the fact that our world is not the only one. Therefore, it is customary to place hell in a parallel universe or other space closed from people by an impenetrable barrier.

About different worlds more

Eternal attempts to understand the human psyche led to the fact that various gurus appeared in society, trying to expand our understanding of the universe.They do this, unlike scientists, from an energy point of view. They came to the conclusion that there are a lot of inhabited planets. Souls are alternately incarnated on them. But they did not stop there. Arguing about the conditions of existence in different worlds, some interpreters came to the original idea. They claim that the real hell is not somewhere in a parallel universe, but here on Earth. That is, we are all invited to believe that sinful souls are gathered on our planet, experiencing certain difficulties due to past crimes. Everyone has their own, of course. Therefore, on earth, people live in different conditions. Just wondering why the population of the planet is growing so fast? Is it possible that in the higher worlds they will not learn to fight with sin?

what does hell mean

Why are we given death?

Speaking of hell or heaven, this issue can not be touched. After all, death brings us closer to the knowledge of another world (or measurement). It is a very important phenomenon for humanity itself. Despite its unconditional naturalness, which we constantly encounter, people are afraid of this transition. Fear is inherent in us initially. Nobody scares death since childhood. People themselves are afraid of her, instinctively.Although the Holy Scripture states that man is prepared for eternal life. Therefore, death is given to us as a lesson. Since ancient times, people are fighting with her. Some are trying to find ways to extend physical existence, others - to leave their mark on this world. There are many examples: from rock paintings to the finest works of art. All paths lead to creativity. Man wants to continue indefinitely in this world. That is, death is an incentive for creativity, including the birth of a new life.


Actually, it is easy to understand what hell is. This view is inherent in each of us, so to speak, genetically. It is embodied every time a person’s conscience speaks. After all, it is at this moment that the soul begins to experience torment. Strengthen them many times in your imagination and you will understand that there is gehenna of fire.

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