What is molybdenum?

What is molybdenum?

  1. A very interesting element of the periodic table 🙂
    In the cases of addition in alloys, steel allows you to obtain armor of increased strength and low weight!
    And in alloys with aluminum, increases the hardness and strength of the alloy and makes it easier. Actively, such alloys are used in the production of bicycle frames for extremals 🙂
  2. type, the element of the periodic table. Metal. It is used as a dopant in steels
  3. and nafig you ?: -o
  4. Molybdenum chemical element with atomic number 42 in the periodic system is denoted by the symbol Mo (Latin Molybdenum), ductile transition metal of silvery white color. Density 10.22.g / cc. see Melting Point 2 617 C. Opened in 1778 by the Swedish chemist Carl Scheele, who calcined molybdic acid, obtained oxide MoO3. In the metallic state, P. Guelm was first obtained in 1782 by the reduction of coal oxide: he obtained molybdenum contaminated with carbon and molybdenum carbide. Pure molybdenum in 1817 received J. Berzelius.

    The name comes from the Greek. #956; #959; #955; #965; #946; #948; #959; #962 ;, meaning lead. It is given because of the external similarity of molybdenite (MoS2), the mineral from which molybdenum oxide was first isolated, with lead gloss (PbS).

    What is molybdenum? for the first time

    Up to the XVIII century. molybdenite did not differ from graphite and lead gloss, these minerals were called molybdenum.
    It is used mainly as an alloying additive to steels. But in general, it can be found at home - the ends of the "antennae" holding a tungsten filament (a conventional incandescent lamp) are often made either molybdenum or from alloys with a high content.

  5. As an element opened by Swede K. Scheele in 1778 year. A metallic modbden was first obtained in 1782 by P. Gjelm, also a Swede.
  6. For military purposes, in the armor!
What is molybdenum? But actually his

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