What is office work?

Nadezhda Kazantseva
Nadezhda Kazantseva
February 19, 2013
What is office work?

Paperwork is a documentary foundation for the activities of each enterprise, its reporting and accounting. Let us pay attention to the definition in order to understand what is paperwork.

Record keeping is a branch of the firm’s work that provides documentation (creation of documents) and organizational work on them.

In their activities, clerks are guided by regulations, guests and internal documents of the organization. They organize the workflow within the enterprise and between them from the moment the document is created until its expiration. For example, registration of correspondence, orders and contracts.

HR records management

Personnel records management is somewhat separate in the documentation support of management. The term itself voices to us what human resource management is: it deals with the processes of arranging, transferring and firing employees.In addition, the personnel clerk (personnel inspector) controls and records all movements of a specialist on the career ladder in the workbook, notes gratitude, disciplinary actions, etc. in his personal file.

Thus, personnel records management is a branch of records management that deals with documentation on the organization and management of personnel.

The paperwork at the enterprise is the basis of the regulatory and fair activities and reporting of the enterprise, so it requires a lot of attention, responsibility and accuracy. This is the cause of the global automation of the workflow process, which greatly facilitates the work of clerks.

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