What is profit?

February 16, 2015
What is profit?

Oral folk art can be classified according to several genres. Today we consider one of these genres - profit: let's talk about what profit is, how profit is born, and what distinctive features can be distinguished from this genre.

Also in the article we will touch on various subgenres of epics.

What is called true?

Byl is a short verbal story about a real case, an incident in reality. The opposite genre is a fairy tale - an absolute fictional story.

The synonym was the word "formerly". Researchers have studied the genre in different ways. If we consider it in the broadest possible sense, then we can divide the profit into the following genres: fishing, hunting, love, military, visions, sorcerers, and so on. However, this division is very conditional, since in one way or another there could be signs of different types. For example, realistic images can alternate with fantastic ones.

Since profit is an oral genre, the narrator in the process could come up with his own details, complement the story with them.Adding something of their own, changing the original story, inventing something of their own, the narrators themselves began to believe in what they were telling. So, gradually gathering new details, after numerous repetitions, the plot was fixed with fantastic details. It was this barely perceptible combination of the fantastic and the real that created a special atmosphere.

Often on the topic and plot were possible to judge the profession of the narrator, the main kind of his occupation. For example, the hunter told about animals.

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