What is schizophrenia?

It's no secret that schizophrenia is a rare disease that has settled in more than 2 million Russians. This disease creates a lot of all sorts of prejudices, but in fact it is a disease associated with the violation of the cerebral cortex, which is amenable to treatment with modern drugs and medicines that give more and more hope for the sick. Modern treatment of schizophrenia allows you to take medication on an outpatient basis, without visiting clinics and hospitals. So let's take a closer look at what schizophrenia is.

Signs of illness

Schizophrenia is a brain disease that impairs the ability to think correctly and make the right decisions, as well as communicate with other people. Very often, people start to suffer from schizophrenia, who in childhood were beaten and offended by their parents, as a result of which they had a nervous system failure or a chemical process disrupted inside the brain. However, it is worth noting that such patients do not pose a danger to others, although their behavior is sometimes quite strange. A disease like schizophrenia has only hidden symptoms. This is its feature.None of the doctor after the visual admission of the patient will not be able to accurately diagnose. Symptoms appear only after a full examination with the help of modern devices.

  • How does schizophrenia manifest itself. The signs of this disease state that patients can react inadequately to the events that occur around them. They can start laughing when all the people around them have grief, can cry when they hear good news, etc. Emotions or too pronounced or simply absent. It is very difficult to communicate with such people, they have quite long periods of isolation.
  • The second manifestation of schizophrenia is the presence of delusions and hallucinations. Many patients see hallucinations, that is, they are non-existent objects. They also begin to talk about misleading ideas about the world and the essence of man, that is, they carry nonsense. Also, the speech of patients is often unclear, which can be attributed to another symptom of schizophrenia. This is how the most severe forms of schizophrenia appear.
  • Patients can have slowed down speech, slow or too fast movements, they can monotonously repeat their actions or they can sit back and watch the whole day at one point.Thus, the behavior of a schizophrenic patient is completely unpredictable.

Treatment method

Now let's consider how to treat schizophrenia.

  • The first thing that doctors prescribe for the treatment of schizophrenia is drugs. Some symptoms are treatable in the same way as ordinary diseases, such as diabetes mellitus or pneumonia. Completely get rid of the symptoms of the disease will not work forever, but to control its course with the help of drugs is very easy. The following drugs help to cope with the disease: haloperidol, chlorpromazine, trifluoperazin, clozapine and others.
  • The second thing you need for treatment is psychosocial rehabilitation. This therapy does not completely eliminate the symptoms of schizophrenia, but together with drugs it facilitates the course of the disease. At the early stage of schizophrenia, it is such a therapy that allows the patient to fully return to the normal existence in society. Rehabilitation also allows the patient to adapt to his familiar society.
  • Modern methods of treatment of this disease can completely cope with the manifestation of negative symptoms in more than 20 percent of patients.If you start taking medications in a timely manner, immediately after the disease has been detected, the probability of a full cure will increase by 30%. However, despite all the positive results, 15% of patients do not get a positive effect from the drugs and end their lives provoked by an accident or suicide. These are the world statistics on this disease.

Thus, we considered what schizophrenia is, what to do if you notice its first manifestations. Now this question, we hope, will not put you in a dead end.

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