What are somatic diseases? Development and treatment

Many experts believe that diseases often arise as a result of psychological overstrain, stressful situations, negative thinking and anxiety. There are cases when pathologies of internal organs develop without obvious physiological reasons. It was then that doctors say about such a phenomenon as somatic diseases. About him will be discussed in sections of the article.


So, what are somatic diseases? These are pathologies that arise as a result of the negative impact on the body of external factors and the mental state of a person.

Today in medicine it is widely believed that diseases arise due to nervous overstrain.what is somatic diseaseAnd this point of view can be considered quite justified. After all, emotional overload, negative thoughts, depressions and anxiety affect the physical condition of a person.Answering the question of what is somatic diseases, doctors speak of this phenomenon as the opposite of mental disorders. However, it should be remembered that everything in the body is interrelated. Adverse factors such as fears, stressful situations, anxiety disrupt the work of the nervous system and disable internal organs. The result is a disease. It manifests itself in the deterioration of physical well-being.

Examples of somatic diseases

Such pathologies are usually not associated with the presence of mental disorders in humans.

Many somatic diseases are characterized by pronounced physical manifestations. These are inflammatory, bacterial and viral pathologies, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, blood vessels, mechanical damage. Chronic somatic diseases usually have subtle signs. But sometimes there are periods of exacerbation. The most common somatic diseases are those that people with a certain type of personality and way of thinking are prone to. Here is a sample list of such pathologies:

  1. Ulcerative processes in the digestive tract. Appear in nervous, anxious personalities.Due to strong experiences in the digestive organs a lot of acid is formed. This causes ulcers.
  2. Skin diseases. Occur on the background of depression. In this case, the skin is constantly itchy, flaky.
  3. Asthma. Appears on the background of fears, stressful situations that negatively affect the activity of the heart.
  4. Arthritis. Arise due to mental overload.
  5. Hypertension is chronic.
  6. Diabetes.
  7. CHD.

Factors that impair the functioning of internal organs

Speaking about somatic diseases, experts emphasize that such pathologies are often provoked by fear, anxiety, and depression. Impairments of the work of internal organs can be caused by such reasons as quarrels, aggression, increased responsibility, reaction to stressful situations, lack of satisfaction with oneself, with one’s life and one’s environment.chronic somatic diseases

Somatic disorders that arise as a result of such factors are difficult to diagnose and treat, as they may manifest by various symptoms and have an unclear clinical picture.

Signs of

Continuing to talk about what somatic diseases are and how they manifest, it is necessary to add that such pathologies have characteristic symptoms. These include the following:

  1. Disruption of appetite (lack of desire to eat or increased hunger). It may be caused by problems with the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, infections, as well as other diseases (anorexia nervosa, bulimia). Sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting. Aversion to food and rejection of it are just as dangerous for health as systematic overeating.
  2. Sleep disturbances (drowsiness, insomnia). It may be a symptom of hormonal problems, heart disease and blood vessels.
  3. Disorders of sexual function (pain during sex, erectile dysfunction, lack of orgasm, decreased desire).
  4. Emotional disturbances (feeling of depression, weakness, anxiety, irritability, depression).
  5. Pain syndrome (discomfort in the heart, head, stomach, muscles).

severe somatic diseases

It must be remembered that the above symptoms can be manifestations of many pathologies. Only a specialist is able to conduct a thorough diagnosis and establish exactly what kind of disease the patient suffers. Therefore, it is not recommended to independently draw conclusions about your condition and take drugs.

Somatic diseases in childhood

Similar pathologies are found not only in adult patients. The development of somatic diseases is possible in childhood. What factors can they cause? As a possible cause of the development of somatic pathologies in childhood, doctors usually distinguish pronounced manifestations of toxemia in the mother during childbirth, stressful situations during pregnancy, and fetal abnormalities.

It can be argued that the causes of the appearance of diseases in children lie in the prenatal period. As a rule, a child who suffers from a young somatic pathology, there are violations of physical, emotional and intellectual development.

Mental disorders in somatic diseases

Doctors have long established the fact that a person’s physical condition has a direct impact on his emotional state. For example, in the event of the occurrence of serious pathologies that require immediate treatment in a hospital, people experience strong feelings. Some heart diseases are accompanied by a feeling of weakness, anxiety, deterioration of memory and attention, aggression.With cancer tumors, patients quickly get tired, they have a depressed mood. Pathologies of the kidneys are accompanied by muscle pain, slow movements and reactions. Increased temperature in severe infections can provoke delusions, visual and auditory hallucinations.treatment of somatic diseases

For a specialist it is extremely important to closely monitor patients with severe somatic diseases. Indeed, the deterioration of health can often lead to emotional disorders.

Patient's response to the disease

The behavior of a person suffering from somatic pathology, is largely determined by his personal characteristics. The following conditions also affect his mental state:

  1. A variety of the disease, the severity of symptoms, features of the pathology.
  2. Patient awareness of his diagnosis.
  3. Features of therapy, the attitude of doctors.
  4. The climate in the family.
  5. Reactions of relatives, colleagues, friends to the patient's condition.

development of somatic diseases

Somatic diseases in humans are common causes of emotional disturbances. Moreover, some patients become anxious, irritable, depressed, overly suspicious, in conflict with doctors, who, in their opinion, do not pay them enough attention.Other patients underestimate their illness, neglect examination and therapy. Often, relatives of people with somatic pathologies urge them to abandon traditional medicine and seek help from healers and folk healers. This is extremely dangerous, since such people are not specialists. Often they put the wrong diagnoses and prescribe to patients the means that worsen their condition.


So, in order to cope with somatic pathology, you need to contact a competent specialist. The doctor will prescribe a diagnostic procedure, and after the examination it will be possible to determine the therapy. During the consultation, the doctors talk with the patient, ask him about the symptoms, examine him. Then research is conducted.human somatic diseasesThese include laboratory tests of blood, urine, ultrasound, computed tomography, x-rays, and so on.

Therapy and Prevention of Pathologies

Treatment of somatic diseases is carried out after determining the exact diagnosis. It includes drugs that relieve the symptoms of pathology and eliminate the cause of failures in the work of organs and systems.Often, doctors prescribe dietary supplements, vitamin complexes. Equally important is physiotherapy, physiotherapy, proper nutrition. In case of serious pathologies, the patient is observed in the hospital. There are carried out the necessary research, applied methods of intensive treatment.

In some cases (especially in those situations where the disease is accompanied by emotional disturbances) patients need the help of a psychotherapist. Individual or group exercises, sedatives help stabilize a person’s mental state.

In the modern world there are many prerequisites for the development of various diseases. In order to prevent their occurrence, it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle.somatic disordersProper nutrition, physical activity, lack of overload and positive thinking are effective prevention methods.

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