What is spiral gymnastics?

Nowadays, there are many ways to maintain your body's tone. Asking the question of which of the available ones to choose, we begin to look for information and be afraid of the time that will go to all this. Spiral gymnastics is a wonderful way to bring your body to tone and overall recovery without much loss of time to do the exercises. And it fits absolutely everyone and is worth it to learn more about it.

Where did she come from

Spiral gymnastics was invented by the Chinese professor Ban Jae Woo (years of life - 03/11/1942-25.03.2010), who is also the founder of Su Jok (acupuncture therapy) and Onnuri alternative medicine. He is the author of many works and monographs.

The professor spent a lot of time in the monasteries of Tibet and China, where he studied alternative medicine. He read a large number of original ancient works and finally gained enlightenment.

alternative medicine

Ban Jae Woo believed that the world consists not of two halves (the well-known Yin and Yang, personifying the feminine and masculine, black and white), but of four.

  • The first is the zero particle where it all began.
  • The second and third are the well-known Yin and Yang, where one seeks to create a new, and the other - to rest.
  • But the fourth force balancing all previous ones is Neutro. It is embodied in a spiral that is ideal for harmonizing the body and the spirit of a person.

After all, it is known that in nature objects and actions in many respects have precisely this form. Take, for example, the sea shell or the human ear. You can see more volumetric, in the elements. For example, a whirlpool or a tornado ... And even wider - the galaxy and the Milky Way. All this, starting with DNA and ending with cosmic phenomena, has a spiral shape.

The professor took this principle as a base, on which he based his spiral gymnastics.

When performing simple twisting movements, the energy present in our body is harmonized, thereby tuning the body to its natural rhythm. Therefore, a person performing exercises can heal from his ailments, normalize the mental and physical condition. Thus a completely new direction was born.

spiral gymnastics

Spiral gymnastics

Some believe that it is suitable simply for lazy people who do not have much time and who do not have developed physical training.

This is partly true. After spending just a few minutes a day, you can gain health and good physical condition.

For whom is suitable

Spiral gymnastics is designed absolutely for all people, from young to old. Children can do it, developing the musculoskeletal system, and people of deeply respectable age, breathing in truly fresh throats of life and healing themselves. Young and middle-aged people who completely devote themselves to work can quite afford this gymnastics which does not take precious time.

spiral gymnastics whole complex

This is also why it is becoming more and more popular. Mental health is the basis of physical health, and vice versa. And this gymnastics is engaged at once in both sides of human life, and a person gradually returns to his normal natural state.

Fundamental rules

They are simple, as all ingenious.

  1. Do not do anything through force, overcoming resistance. If you feel pain, you need to reduce the amplitude and time of exercise.
  2. It is necessary to enter and leave in positions smoothly and slowly. Sharp movements are excluded.
  3. The whole complex is performed with a smile and joy. Man should be pleased to do it.

physiotherapy exercises

Energy flows and internal smile

In Eastern medicine, there is the concept of meridians, which are actually recognized officially all over the world. They are also called energy flows. Spiral gymnastics also deals with meridians. The whole complex of exercises is aimed at normalizing their course in the human body, so that all breaks and flow disorders are restored. And after them, the physical organs became healthy.

With the state of the inner smile, the whole physiotherapy is performed. Exercises are done with joy and a sense of inner satisfaction. To do this, it is enough to imagine yourself smiling or to feel how a smile is born from the region of the heart and lovingly looks at the whole surrounding world. Then you will not even have to focus much on movements, since they themselves will naturally flow smoothly from one to another.

spiral exercises for the spine


So, having studied the basic rules of gymnastics, you can finally get down to doing the exercises.Surely many have already wanted to try this simple practice, which is based on alternative medicine. The complex consists of sixty four exercises. To harmonize forces, sixteen movements are dedicated to them. It is not necessary to do exercises with the whole body. If for some reason this is not possible, then they are performed by the head, shoulders, arms, and so on, to a feeling of fatigue. During gymnastics, people are filled with energy and strength, and the body comes to such a necessary balance and norm.

Now you can find a lot of video tutorials with a complex of movements.

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