What is talc? Scopes, harm

Talc is one of the softest minerals on earth. It has a hardness equal to one. What is talc, even schoolchildren from chemistry lessons know. However, not everyone knows in which areas this mineral can be used. Today we will find out who is using this powder, what is its price, and also determine the harmful effects of this tool.what is talc


What is talc, everyone knows: adults and even children. After all, who has not seen the powder, which is so often used by parents to remove redness on the delicate skin of a baby? Talc is a mineral of white, green, yellow or brown color, which after processing is a fat to the touch powder. It is formed from aluminum-free magnesium silicates, while it lies at a decent depth at high pressure and temperature.

What industries are you using?

What is talc is now known to everyone, but few know that this mineral is used in many areas. Below are the industries in which this white powder is applied:

  1. Medicine.The well-known talc powder used by parents to prevent diaper rash on the child’s body.
  2. Paper industry - the production of heavy expensive paper.
  3. Textile industry - whitening of hard fabrics.
  4. Paint and varnish industry - manufacture of waterproof paints.
  5. Perfumery, cosmetics - an essential component in the manufacture of powder, eye shadows, toilet soap.

talc in a pharmacy

Talc from diaper rash and sweating

This mineral is often known to a wide range of people as baby powder. That is, talc for the body is used to prevent and eliminate sweating and diaper rash. You can use this tool often, but it becomes urgent in the summer.

Putting it on dry clean skin, you will achieve that during the day talcum-treated places on the body will remain dry and pleasant to the touch. You can apply this tool on the whole body, and you can selectively, only on those places that sweat the most: chest, feet, armpits, palms.

Flavored powder

Talcum for the body can still play the role of spirits. This applies to flavored products.Using talcum can relieve not only sweating, but also the unpleasant smell of sweat, and it also creates a special fragrance around the woman. By the way, the use of this powder as a deodorant or perfume perfectly saves the family budget. And this woman’s perfumed remedy is used to give clothes, towels and, of course, bed linen a soft and pleasant fresh scent. To do this, a little talcum need to put on the palm, grind and just spread his hands on the surface.talcum for the body

Where can I buy?

Generally in our country it is easy to get talc. In the pharmacy, in specialized stores of household chemicals or in children's supermarkets, in the catalogs of manufacturers of cosmetics, on the Internet - this is where you can buy this popular tool. True, talcum powder is sold more often. But lately, the popularity has become gaining a liquid tool for the body. It was talc in this form of release that began to attract the attention of women. And this is not surprising. After all, the advantage of this product in liquid form is that it will be easier to apply and distribute over the skin. In addition, this processed mineral will not leave marks on clothes.talcum powder

Talc: the price of funds

The cost of this drug may be different.After all, the price depends on several factors, such as:

  1. Form release: in powder or liquid form.
  2. The volume of a jar, a bottle in which talc is sold. Naturally, the larger the packaging, the more expensive the product will be.
  3. The presence or absence of smell.
  4. Manufacturer. Different manufacturers put their price on talc. Someone can inflate it, and someone will sell the product at a reasonable price.
  5. The presence or absence of vitamins in talc.
  6. Place of sale. In pharmacies can put a small margin on this drug, while in large supermarkets and stores the same product can cost 2 times more expensive.

Now it became clear what parameters should be repelled when choosing an inexpensive tool called talc. The price of the cheapest, odorless powder can be 60 rubles. But liquid perfumed talc for the body, feet can be sold for 600 rubles.talc powder

What are the dangers of powder?

It has been suggested that inhalation of this drug may cause talcosis, a benign disease. However, research conducted by the European Association of Talc Developers has shown that this powder is harmless to the body.

However, American scientists have found that daily use of powder in the female genital area increases the risk of uterine cancer several times. As the researchers themselves explain, this dependence is due to the fact that small particles of talc penetrate into the vagina, and then into the uterus, and are fixed there for a long time. Moreover, inflammatory processes of a chronic nature can be formed in women against this background. And such a prolonged inflammation creates favorable conditions for the malignant degeneration of the cells of the inner mucous membrane of the uterus, as a result of which women can be diagnosed with cancer.

If you did not know before, then after reading this article you now have an exact idea of ​​what talc is and where it is used. This tool can perfectly save the family budget if you use it instead of deodorant or perfume. But here it is not worthwhile to constantly apply it in the area of ​​the female genital organs, since talc may cause the appearance of malignant tumors.

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