What is the 7th season of the Game of Thrones?

In the acclaimed and beloved by many series “The Game of Thrones” the seventh season is preparing for release, the next issue of which is expected in June 2017. At the moment, you can watch the first series, learn a brief history of the expected new season, chat with fans of the series, find out their forecasts and read different versions of what can be expected.

Season Seven Summary

Queen Cersei Lannister lost all her children and begins to rule alone Westeros. She has already defeated many of her enemies long ago and hopes to settle with the rest. She has no friends left, but she does not want to give up. After Walder Frey died, a fierce battle began. Greyjoy and Daenerys want revenge on Uncle Euron, who killed their father. After the victory over Rousseau Bolton, John Snow is preparing for the next battle with the Others, who attack the big army of the dead. In this war, one of the important places should take Samwell Tarley, who is still studying to meister. Daenerys, appointing Daaris in the city as the main one, goes to Vasteras to take revenge on his enemies. She is accompanied by Varis, Greyjoy, and Tyrion.After learning the truth about the birth of John Snow, his stepbrother leaves for the South.

Where to watch the show?

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Season 7 - the last?

Previously it was assumed that there will be 8 seasons in the series, as the creators initially calculated that the book’s material will be enough for 80 episodes, but in 2013 producer Frank Dolger suggested that the seventh will be final. George Martin himself said that he might not have time to finish the book before the release of the seventh season, so the series may end before the two remaining novels are finished.It is also known that the writer informed the possible ending of the saga in the event that he did not have time to complete the book before his death.

Fans put forward their versions, discuss the upcoming season, read spoilers. We present you a generalized information about the new season, collected from the Internet.

Estimated fate of significant characters

John snow

John, being the legitimate son of his elder brother Daenerys, is in the line of heirs to the throne. His father, Reigar, said that his son would be a “promised prince,” combining the “song of ice and flame.” Then he meant his other child, but it was John who combines ice and fire. Also, do not forget that the Targaryen did not like to dilute their blood, therefore, marriages often occurred in the family. If John carries the Reagar genes, then the chances of an affair with Daenerys increase. About the origin of John from two noble families few people know. Bran Stark, Howland Reed, Jojen's father and Mira can know about this secret.


Young Stark will soon be behind the wall, and then he will not get to Winterfell for long. There is a god-food, and therefore, Brand will certainly be able to present new visions.Giving an interview, Isaac promised to tell a story about John Snow's father and provide more information about Aries Targaryen. It is also known from the sixth season that the Wall is not only mountains of ice, but also ancient magic that holds White Walkers in check. The king of the night touched Brana, because of which he left his mark on him. Because of her ghouls can now get into the cave, which was previously protected from them. But at the same time, we can assume that this label will destroy the protective spell that was imposed on the Wall. Fans suggest that the Wall will collapse in the finale of the seventh season, when intrigues around the Iron Throne will be discarded.

Cersei Lannister

The throne at the moment belongs to Cersei Lannister, but, most likely, it is not for long. The actress says that the character will be killed by Tyrion Linnister or Arya Stark. In the book of this heroine it is predicted that Valoncar - “younger brother” will kill her. Fans believe that she will die at the hands of Jaime, who can be considered the youngest in a pair of born twins. Dan Weiss and David Benioff do not hide the fact that they like Cersei. What will she be like in the new season when her last child has committed suicide?

The rest of the new exciting stories and the fate of the characters you learn from the series itself.

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