What is the entry?

Vera Melnikova
Vera Melnikova
November 26, 2014
What is the entry?

It should be noted that the word "introduction" is multi-valued, although all the meanings are united by one thing: this is the beginning of something, the first part. So what is the entry? We note the basic meanings of this word and select the corresponding synonyms for each value.

The meaning of the word "introduction"

  1. This is a definite action related to the movement somewhere, for example, the entry of Russian troops into Kiev liberated from the fascists. Synonym: input.
  2. Assuming the throne or office, for example, assuming the office of President Putin. Synonyms: accession (on the throne), inauguration (assumption of the office of the President).
  3. The introduction is also the beginning of a literary or musical work. For example: in the introduction to the poem by Gogol N.V. "Dead souls" talk of two serfs about a cart passing by them, in which the main character was driving - Chichikov. Synonyms: exposition, preface, prologue, inception, introduction, introduction - introduction to a literary work; Overture, introduction, riturnel - introduction to a musical work; Preamble - entry into a legal document.
  4. The initial part of the oratorical speech, in which the speaker defines the objectives and goals of his speech. For example: the school principal, in the introduction of his report, determined the purpose of the conference. Synonym: the beginning.
  5. This is the entry into a certain group, a party of like-minded people, into an alliance, including an international one. For example, joining the party "United Russia". Synonym: entry.

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