What is the fairy tale "The Frog Princess"?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
February 14, 2013
What is the fairy tale "The Frog Princess"?

"The king had three sons ..." - begins so beloved by all, "The Frog Princess" - a Russian folk tale. It tells the story of how the king wanted to marry his sons and the arrows shot by them led to the brides. The eldest son got a merchant's mongrel, the middle one got into it, and the younger prince was to marry a frog, because it was the arrow of the younger royal son that flew into the swamp.

To check the daughters-in-law, the king invented all sorts of tests: he needed to sew a shirt, bake pies, and even weave a carpet. Each time the praises of the priest-king were given only to the younger prince's bride, the frog. But the frog was not an easy swamp inhabitant. It was the enchanted Vasilisa the Wise, who every night turned into what she really was - a beautiful girl.

At the end of all the trials, the enchanted frog also danced a swan, so much so that it conquered everyone with her dance. He did not rejoice at his younger bride Ivan Tsarevich, and in order to rid the bride of the curse,burned her frog skin.

But if the prince waited a bit, the frog would have turned into a beautiful princess forever. And so he hurried and burned the enchanted skin without demand. For this he had to say goodbye to his betrothed. She turned into a dove and was captured by Koshchei the Immortal. In sorrow, the king's son rushed to find his love, he met many obstacles on his way, fought with Koschey. But, as in any good tale, good triumph over evil, and Ivan Tsarevich freed his bride and married her.

Moral tales

In short, what the fairy tale "The Frog Princess" is about. The purpose of this tale is to teach young listeners to what should not be in a hurry and that, in the end, good always triumphs over evil. Analysis of the fairy tale "The Frog Princess" shows that it not only describes the power that a person has when he loves. The philosophical meaning of the tale was also revealed. It lies in the fact that if you fall in love with someone, even an ugly, ugly, even resembling a frog, then he or she will later become the most beautiful creature on Earth, you just need to wait a bit.

And the most important thing in this fairy tale is that if a person strongly desires something and does everything to achieve the desired, then no obstacles in his path will be able to stop him.The evil forces, personified by Koshchei the Immortal, could not prevent the Tsarevich from Ivan's liberation of his beloved frog princess.

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