What kind of dye is good for hair? Reviews of hair colors

The answer to the question of what kind of dye is good for hair will be incomplete if you do not pay attention to the classification of the dyes themselves. It is the type of dye that determines the depth of penetration into the hair structure and color fastness.

what dye is good for hair

Experienced stylists, hairdressers who specialize in coloring, argue that each person has individual hair. That is why the same dye, even if it is the best professional paint, may look different from two different women. In fact, such parameters as hair structure, porosity, actual shade at the time of dyeing affect the color. The saturation and tone of natural color depend on a pigment such as melanin, located in the cortical layer of the hair.

All hair dyes are divided into types according to the degree of penetration of the coloring matter. Even if the best hair dye is used, with temporary dyeing, the pigment does not penetrate the hair cuticle, enveloping only the top layer.As a rule, such a dye is easily washed off the first time with an ordinary shampoo. Dyeing semi-permanent covers the cuticle, the permanent uses a deep cortical layer.

Classification of hair colors. The permanent.

This type of coloring matter is distinguished by its very good stability and durability. It is able to penetrate the hair structure deeply enough, changing the color. The best professional hair dye - perm - is not washed off, you can regain your natural shade only by growing your hair.

Permanent paint characteristics

  • Full painting of gray hair, subject to the timing.
  • Color change up to three tones at home.
  • The possibility of using for minor color changes is important for achieving half tones.
  • The possibility of coloring only regrown basal areas.
  • It is not washed off.

Tinting or direct staining

This dye penetrates only into the cuticle. That is why he is able to gradually wash out of the hair. As a rule, high-quality paint is washed off only after the eighth time.Tinting dyes do not contain peroxide and ammonia, which makes it impossible to lighten.

the best hair dye

Features direct staining:

  • the dye is produced in one tube, which eliminates the need for mixing;
  • color begins to wash out after eight shampooing procedures;
  • as part of no ammonia and peroxide.


best hair dye reviews

Such dyes literally envelop the hair without disturbing the structure, but affecting the cuticle and a little - the cortical layer. Such an impact can withstand about thirty headwash procedures. The choice of semi-permanent can be the most successful at the first coloring or if you want to enrich your natural color.

Semipermanent characteristics:

  • ammonia is absent in the dye;
  • peroxide concentration is negligible;
  • endless color choices.

Temporary staining

The pigment does not penetrate the structure of the hair, so the dye is washed off almost instantly. Among the distinctive features can be noted the low content of peroxide and a small selection of colors.


Lightening can be natural and artificial.Discoloration is often used not only to give the hair a lighter shade, but also to increase the porosity of the hair, increase susceptibility to the effects of dyes.

what paint is better to dye hair

Artificial blonding always occurs under the influence of chemicals. The main are the following blond drugs:

  1. Dyes for special purposes. Preparations at the same time provide the realization of two chemical processes. Firstly, it is discoloration, and secondly, toning. The advantage is that one procedure allows you to achieve the final result. But the concentration of artificial pigment and ammonia is twice that here than in classic cream paints.
  2. Powder blonds. This drug is extremely popular. It often finds application in creative or standard colors. Powder helps to get the most light shades, clarification reaches seven tones. Innovative blonde differ in the content of special substances that protect the scalp and the hair itself.

What kind of paint is designed for home use - should you trust the brand?

Famous and popular brands that produce hair dyes do not always offer the consumer a quality product. To understand what is the best hair dye, based on the level of durability and results of dyeing, it is advisable to get acquainted with the results of official studies.

what paint is better

Color uniformity and color

  1. Wellaton Wella. Mousse gave one of the most resistant colors, but the shade promised by the manufacturer was never achieved. “Wellaton” cream made it possible to get the desired tone, but it turned out to be too unstable.
  2. Loreal Preference Recital. Dye helps to dye hair evenly along the entire length. Color is fully consistent with the stated. If you pay attention to the product from this brand - the paint "Excellence" - uneven coloring was observed, although the shade fully corresponded to the declared one.
  3. What kind of dye is good for hair? The answer is simple - Garnier Olia. The color is beautiful, rich and bright, but not perfectly uniform.


According to the parameters of resistance, not all colors meet the stated requirements. According to the research, it was possible to establish the following:

  1. Palette Mousse. The dye is characterized by medium resistance, but it paints the gray hair well. Nevertheless, among the diversity of all levels of resistance was one of the worst.Significant color fading can be traced two weeks after staining.
  2. Paint Garnier Color Naturals. Considering the question of what is the best hair dye in terms of durability, we can mark this dye as the best. The color is not only persistent, but even, saturated along the entire length of the hair.

Which hair dye is safer in chemical composition

Any professional with proper experience will tell you which paint is best to dye your hair without harm, and the answer will be simple: "Aless." High-quality coloring is carried out regularly, that when using standard dyes spoils the hair. Often manifested high fragility, dullness, weakness. Considerable harm is caused by a substance such as ammonia. That it is contained in most resistant paints. The outer hair membrane is broken, and the pigment penetrates deeply, determining the persistence of color.

what paint is better to paint

On this basis, it is better to use light paints that are also suitable for home use. However, there is one drawback - the rapid leaching of color. As a result, when answering the question ofwhat kind of dye is good for hair from the standpoint of caring for them, we can say one thing - ammonia-free. But, unfortunately, it does not always allow to achieve the desired color.

The best professional hair dye - top-rated most popular brands

Cosmetic corporations are often not limited to the release of professional hair dyes alone. Often, manufacturers prefer to immediately produce whole product lines, supplemented with masks, balms, hair serums, but which paint is better?

Hairdresser brands that work exclusively in beauty salons, in fact, try to embody the highest quality in their dyes, but the price is not distinguished by high availability, which is justified. But it remains an open question about what kind of dye is good for hair, if you choose itfor professional use.

Rating of the most popular and high quality salon dyes

  1. Wella - Color Touch / Koleston. The system of coloring "Vella Color Touch" successfully embodied the system of coloring components that can affect only melirovannyh areas. They give the chosen shade.These dyes are tinted and do not contain ammonia. "Coleston" allows you to implement the most popular and unusual solutions in dyeing, creating a strong shine and beautiful highlights in the hair.
  2. L’Oreal Professional. Professional paints from this brand in a new way open the shine of hair. It was noted above that the line for home use is uneven in coloring, whereas in professional products there is no such drawback. The brand positions gentle and gentle dyeing with minimal harm to the hair web. To date, the best hair dye, reviews of which are only positive - Loreal Inoa.
  3. Schwarzkopf - Igora Royal. Dye "Igor Royal" will suit the most demanding women who are accustomed to meticulously treat all the little things. The dye, in addition to the main functions, cares for hair due to the high variety of amino acids.best professional paint
  4. Paul Mitchell - a bright sample of paints made in the USA. The company creates truly unique products. Recently, dyes containing tea tree oil have been highly popular. The color is stable, as saturated as possible, the harm to the hair is minimal.
  5. John Frieda.British manufacturers have managed to get many awards, established in the beauty industry, for their high-quality products. According to many consumers, this is the best hair dye. Reviews about it are not just positive, but cause admiration. The color is multi-faceted, iridescent, interesting, alluring.
  6. Moltobene. Paints for professional use from Japan. Thanks to innovative technologies, after using the paint of this brand, the hair gets a mirror shine. Products managed to show themselves from the best side and begins to gain the trust of an increasing number of consumers.
  7. Dikson. Italian professional paints - is the leader among all dyes by covering ability, which determines the high quality of dyeing. Meanwhile, there was a somewhat dramatic effect on the scalp and hair.
  8. Matrix. Brand based in Spain. Many stylists are advised to try this dye at least once in a lifetime. But products must be selected strictly according to the actual condition of the hair. Then you can get not only the desired shade, but also strong, shiny hair.
  9. Keune. German-made dye.The product has a completely innovative formula. Professional dye is semi-permanent and allows you to get a decent result.

Professional blonding, or what paint is better to dye your hair?

Professional blonding is a rather sensitive subject. This is due to the complexity of the paint itself, which should be carried out in the cabin. This approach allows you to avoid unpleasant yellowness, the hair will get exactly the tone - warm or cold - that is needed.

Recently Estell dyes of the Blond de Lux and Sos Essex series have been especially well proven. This is the best paint for blondes. Production allows to carry out intensive clarification without preliminary blonding. This is the best option for women who want their color to be natural.

When considering the question "what kind of paint is better to dye hair" should be guided by the result and type of dye.

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