What can be the selection after hysteroscopy?

Hysteroscopy is one of the varieties of endoscopic operations, which today are carried out with success. They are made for the purpose of making the diagnosis of such intrauterine diseases as polyps or endometrial hyperplasia, uterine myoma, synechia in its cavity, adenomyosis and others.

discharge after hysteroscopyDischarge after hysteroscopy

This operation is rather simple in its essence, and it is performed under intravenous anesthesia. After several hours, the patient is already allowed to go home. After surgery, there may be some complications. Most women are bothered by bleeding after hysteroscopy. But such a phenomenon is normal and has an explanation. If the operation was performed with the aim of setting up the diagnosis, then only some discomfort can be felt. Selections with blood are almost every patient.

bleeding after hysteroscopyHow to explain it?

No matter how simple the operation is hysteroscopy, it is considered a surgical procedure.Devices introduced into the uterus, come into contact with its mucous membrane and can cause minor damage. Therefore, during the first day after such a procedure, some blood may be released from the genitals. But the discharge after hysteroscopy, which was carried out for the purpose of surgical intervention, will be much more abundant and longer. After such operations, as a rule, hemostatic drugs are prescribed.

What happens to the monthly?

menstruation after hysteroscopyIf hysteroscopy was performed for the purpose of diagnosis, then the monthly will come as usual. But if there was curettage, then the menstruation after hysteroscopy will be counted from the day when the operation was performed. Although this operation is a low-impact method, during rehabilitation it is necessary to carefully monitor all changes in your body. If the discharge after hysteroscopy after a few days does not stop and will remain intense, and will also be accompanied by pain, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

What can hurt after surgery?

It is clear that each person has a different pain threshold. When performing this operation does not require anesthesia.But there may be some pain, so it is possible at the request of the patient to enter the painkiller into the vein (in the case of surgery). Pain can last several days. It is also considered normal if pain is felt in the lumbosacral region. If the pain is severe and there is bleeding after hysteroscopy after a few days, you should consult a doctor, as this may indicate possible complications. The patient is prescribed hemostatic agents, anelgetics, and it is recommended to avoid physical exertion and sexual activity for a couple of weeks.

Is pregnancy possible?

It is almost impossible to say with confidence about the onset of pregnancy and whether it will proceed normally. It does not depend on the nature of the operation, but on what diagnosis is made to the woman. An operation should not always be carried out if there have been unsuccessful pregnancies or in vitro fertilization. Gynecologists tend to pay attention to a number of additional factors.

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