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The bribe investigator scattered 400,000 rubles on the road. His leader was detained, and the head of the duty unit preferred death.
FSB officers detained the head of the Investigation Department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Pushkino Artur Kovalev. A policeman is suspected of extorting 5 million rubles. Prior to that, a bribe caught his subordinate, who scattered tagged bills, hiding from the chase.

Strangeness began to occur in the Pushkin police after the arrival of a new chief (the former, Renat Khalilov, went up) Sergei Tehrer. He took office in February, before that he headed the police department in Sofrino.
And immediately complaints from businessmen fell upon the pressure from the authorities. They claimed that the Pushkin police were now reoriented not so much to catch the criminals as to make money.
Three weeks ago, a young investigator from the investigative department of the Department of Internal Affairs Pushkino Kosyanenko, a subordinate of Kovalev, came across this.
The officers of the CSS Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Moscow Region staged a whole pursuit to detain him.Hiding in a car, he threw 400 thousand rubles out of a window, which he received for closing a criminal case against a local businessman.
The money was beautifully scattered across the street, passers-by tried to collect it, rushing under the wheels of passing cars, eventually prevented the “brigade of the overtaking”, she was left behind, and the police bribe taker disappeared. But soon he came to confess himself and confessed to everything.
And although the intelligence services had data that he took a bribe on behalf of the leadership, his chief Kosyanenko did not “pass”. Kovalyov, instead of drawing conclusions, requested 5 million from another entrepreneur for closing the tax case.
Struck by the arrogance of a policeman businessman wrote a statement to the FSB. He brought the labeled money straight to Kovalev’s office (as requested). There Kovalev and detained employees of the management of "M".
It is noteworthy that all these events are connected with another tragedy - a few days ago, the head of the police on duty Pushkin Sergey Golishnikov died. The man was found at his dacha - he died from a single gunshot wound to the head.
According to the official version, the cause of the tragedy was a quarrel with his wife.But colleagues believe that the reason is different. He might have been the next person they came to arrest on corruption charges.
Golishnikov as head of the duty unit put a new chief Pushkin police officer. Prior to that, he headed the police department in the village of Pravda, was removed from his post due to the loss of confidence of the former commander Khalilov because of complaints.
"To establish all the events of the incident, an internal audit was appointed, according to the results of which the employee will be dismissed from the internal affairs bodies for negative reasons and will be punished in accordance with the law, his immediate supervisors will also be brought to disciplinary responsibility," Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Moscow region Tatyana Petrova.

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