What problems solves activated carbon

6-06-2017, 18:00

1. Remedy for flatulence and bloating

Gases are all of us. On average, a person emits gases 14 times a day - this is completely normal.

But if you suffer from flatulence or painful bloating, activated charcoal will help you!

Studies show that when receiving activated carbon before meals, the volume of intestinal gases is significantly reduced.

2. Lower cholesterol

High cholesterol doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease.

One study showed that people who took 8 g of activated carbon three times a day for a month had bad LDL cholesterol levels down by 41%, and good HDL cholesterol levels were up 8%!

And no statins with their side effects!

3. Maintaining kidney health

Every day, your kidneys clean about 115–140 liters of blood, eventually producing 1–2 liters of urine, which consists of wastes and excess fluid.

In combination with the liver, the kidneys are the most advanced cleansing system in nature.

However, eating sugar, salt, animal protein, fats and preservatives can lead to kidney disease and deficiency.

Since activated carbon removes urea and other uric toxins, it helps keep the kidneys healthy.

4. Fast treatment of food poisoning

Food poisoning is very common - in the United States alone, 48 million cases are recorded annually!

One of the ways to protect against vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and lost days that inevitably follow severe poisoning is to take activated charcoal at the first symptoms.

Activated carbon is recommended for poisoning, as it quickly neutralizes toxins.

5. The secret of soft skin

Dirt and grease clog the pores on the skin of the face and "age" your appearance, and many cleansers contain harmful chemicals.

Activated carbon, like a magnet, pulls out dirt and grease from the pores, leaving the skin clean and soft!

6. Luxurious hair

The same toxins, dirt and grease that pollute the skin, and spoil the hair, giving them an unpleasant greasy look.

Activated carbon cleans the hair follicles, giving them shine and silkiness!

And unlike shampoos, consisting entirely of environmentally harmful chemicals, activated carbon is a 100% natural, environmentally friendly product.

7. Teeth whitening

Want to have a Hollywood smile without spending on an expensive procedure for teeth whitening?

It is enough to sprinkle activated carbon with a toothbrush 2-3 times a week!

Activated carbon cleans tooth enamel by adsorbing microscopic particles that make up dental plaque.

8. Pleasant breath

Are you confused by bad breath? Activated carbon and then come to the rescue!

This is not only an effective deodorizing agent, but also a way to normalize the acid-base balance in the oral cavity, which protects the teeth and gums from bacteria and disease!

Brush your teeth with activated carbon (do not worry, it is tasteless), and don't let the black color bother you - it is rinsed out without a trace!

9. Prevention of premature aging

Activated carbon promotes rejuvenation, not only because it gives you young skin, elegant curls and white-toothed smile.

It is proved that the regular use of activated carbon removes toxins and slags from the body that damage organs, destroy cells and accelerate the aging of the body.

No wonder Gwyneth Paltrow likes to talk about the benefits of activated carbon!

10. Prevention of a hangover

We drank the day before? Everyone, probably, is familiar with a heavy feeling the day after a stormy booze.

But there is a great way to avoid headaches, nausea, and general hangover weakness: before you drink, take activated charcoal!

Although it does not bind with alcohol, it perfectly knits and removes many by-products of fermentation - which means that in the morning you will wake up fresh, fresh and alive!

11. Purification of the digestive system

Pesticides in fruits and vegetables, growth hormones in meat, chemistry in drinking water - we live in extremely toxic conditions.

When all this rubbish accumulates in the digestive system, it leads to inflammation and deprives you of strength.

For good health and well-being, you need to regularly clean the digestive system.

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