What should be an electric winch: tips on choosing and feedback on manufacturers

The provision of cargo handling operations today is impossible without the use of special mechanisms. In the maintenance of warehouses, in the implementation of construction and installation works, in agriculture and in everyday life may be the need for a winch. The classic system minimizes the efforts of workers, saves time and increases safety. But a variety of winch mechanisms often makes it difficult to choose a particular device for certain tasks. However, already at the primary screening, the electric winch is considered by many as the most technologically advanced and efficient lifting unit.

Device and design of electric winch

electric winch

The technical device of the winch is implemented on the principles of broadcasting thrust to the object through slings, chain, rope or other component of the mechanism.Devices with electric drive are characterized by high winding speed, ease of maintenance and installation, and also do not depend on the source of traction energy (autonomous systems). As a rule, the drive function is assigned to electric motors, which ensure the rotation of the drum with a cable. The design of the drum is usually provided for the gearbox. Despite its modest size, it creates a fairly high gear ratio.

Mobile and stationary

The ability to move the winch is a fundamental condition in the selection. If work at different points is to be carried out at the construction site, then a portable electric winch will be the best choice. Mobile systems include devices marked with PA. This segment includes a variety of lightweight and compact electric winches, which are also equipped with a maximum height adjustment unit. At the same time, one should not doubt the traction abilities of portable models - some modifications assume a double loading capacity, which greatly simplifies the lifting process.

But there are cases when mobility is not put in the forefront, and it makes sense to take advantage of stationary winches. Such models are positioned as representatives of the KDJ series.Compared with portable counterparts, stationary mechanisms are stable, high speed and do not require the application of third-party efforts. A wide range of models will allow you to choose the optimal solution to perform the tasks. It is important to note that the KDJ electric construction winch may be too productive and overall device, which, undoubtedly, will cope with the tasks, but in some situations can be replaced by compact analogs from the mobile family.

Electric Winch

electric car winch

It is necessary to separate the models focused on performance of building tasks. So, for the construction of a small house a small electric winch of the RA may be suitable, and when erecting a multi-storey building, of course, one cannot do without functional equipment KDJ.

Now you can touch on another classification that will allow you to decide on a suitable model for performing construction operations. There are cargo and assembly electric winch. The design and optional of the first category are focused on the movement of construction materials by pulling.Moreover, the system works not only vertically, but also in the horizontal plane, which is important when servicing building materials. Electric mounting winch is more reliable from the point of view of stability of the base of a rectangular shape. Such mechanisms are fixed on a flat surface and help carry out repair and installation procedures.

Car electric winch

electric winch do it yourself

More recently, the choice of winches in the domestic car market was limited only by mechanical and hydraulic models. The addition of the electric version of the line somewhat changed the idea of ​​the winch assistant. First, such models are much easier to use, which is already a significant plus for a person stuck in a swamp. Secondly, modern versions allow servicing practically all models of off-road type. Actually, the automobile electric winch is designed specifically for this class.

When choosing, you should consider the following nuances:

  • The potential for traction should not be less than the mass of the car.
  • If the machine rarely finds itself in situations where a winch is required,it is worth confining to a less overall and “strong” device - by adding a block to the design, it is possible to ensure sufficient force, despite the drop in speed.
  • When choosing for a particular car, it is not so much the compatibility of the winch design with body elements that is important as the protection of its engine from water.

The automobile electric winch is installed at a suitable place in the back of an SUV, after which its wires can be connected to the battery. Such an assistant consumes a lot of energy, so it would not be superfluous to estimate the charge of a car battery before a rescue operation.

Criterias of choice

electric construction winch

The whole range of modern lifting mechanisms is characterized by a standard set of operating parameters, on the basis of which the choice is made. Regarding the winches, the following data is distinguished: winding speed, cable length, voltage indicators and tractive effort.

The range of tractive effort varies from 0.2 to 5 tons. In this criterion, the calculation is elementary - you need to start from the mass of the object for which the electric construction winch is selected, and also to make some stock of traction. When choosing a cable length

one should be guided by the limiting height or the working distance of the ascent — the maximum is 100 m. In determining the winding speed, it is important to consider the power of the electric winch, which directly affects this parameter. For example, a device with a power potential of 1.6 kW per minute performs lifting an object weighing 0.5 tons to a 10-meter height.

Power selection

The power range of the electric winch varies from 0.28 to 20 kW. The voltage is also differentiated and can reach 380 V. In the construction of the most demanded electric winch 220v, which is easier to connect to the network. In this regard, it is important to consider the presence of single or three-phase voltage. The second is usually required when working at industrial facilities or large-scale construction. Car models have a voltage from 12 to 24v.

Winch and hoist - what are the differences?

220v electric winch

Electric winch also called hoists. However, the traditional hoist has several major differences. Such mechanisms are focused solely on the rise - for this reason, their functionality is superior to the winch, which, however, can also be used as a lift.The advantages of hoists are due to the presence of auxiliary systems in the form of emergency and conventional brakes, clamps, restraints of other devices. Of course, the electric winch is theoretically capable of performing the same tasks, but in practice a specialized competitor is much more convenient and efficient. On the other hand, the electric winch 12v can be used both as a lift and as an assistant for the car, and the hoist - only when performing the first task.

Additional functionality

Mechanisms that are regularly subjected to power loads must be protected from wear. In addition, electric winches operate under voltage, which increases the risk of equipment overheating. Therefore, choosing a unit, you should look at the models with protection systems and automatic shutdown function. In addition, the electric winch in some versions has a support base with fixing holes, which increases the reliability and safety of the working process.

How to make a winch?

electric winch

In case if at a particular moment the lifting device is not at hand, and buying it is inexpedient due to one-time use, a self-made electric winch will be able to help out.The hands can make a design of the parts that are available in any garage. So, the drive will require a VAZ starter and a reducer (a device from a drill can be used), the drum can be assembled from a piece of pipe with a bolt to fix the cable, the shaft with gear and side covers. In addition, bearings with housings will be required. Other elements can also be found in the store of any home craftsman.

For the implementation of serious construction tasks such a mechanism, of course, will not work. At least for the reason that in artisanal conditions it will not be possible to attain the proper level of safety possessed by the factory electric winch. With your own hands, on the other hand, it is possible to equip a car - a traction device with a capacity of 1 ton will also become a good helper in the household.

Manufacturers Overview

electric winch

The segment of electric winches in the domestic market is quite wide. Among the manufacturers of this equipment, American brands Mile Marker, Ramsey and Warn won the most consumer confidence. Companies are increasingly paying attention to the promotion of electric winches, improving their technical qualities.Users note the versatility of the products of these brands, reliability and high performance. The Polish company Dragon Winch is less popular. However, it also deserves attention - especially from the side of motorists. For example, Dragon Winch's super-strong electric winch can be used on SUVs and heavy trucks.

Economy class winches are represented in Russia by Korean and Chinese manufacturers, including T-Max, Runva and Come Up. Domestic products from Seliton, Sprut, AvtoRols, etc. can also be attributed to this group. The electric winchs of the above companies cannot compete with the quality of Western technologists and designers, but their affordability is all justifies the acquisition for less demanding tasks.

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What should be an electric winch: tips on choosing and feedback on manufacturers 68

What should be an electric winch: tips on choosing and feedback on manufacturers 31

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What should be an electric winch: tips on choosing and feedback on manufacturers 60

What should be an electric winch: tips on choosing and feedback on manufacturers 1

What should be an electric winch: tips on choosing and feedback on manufacturers 92