What to bring from the UAE: the best oriental gifts and souvenirs

Recently, more and more attract tourists from all over the world. Upon returning from a trip to this mysterious country of the East, tourists bring indelible impressions and, of course, numerous gifts and souvenirs for their loved ones. About what to bring from the UAE, read the article.

General information

The United Arab Emirates is a federal state, which includes seven emirates. Each is a separate state with an absolute monarchy. The location of the UAE - the Middle East, the capital - Abu Dhabi.

What to bring from the UAE

Going on a tourist trip to the emirates, first of all, a person represents the beauty and splendor of nature: landscapes, coastal areas with white sand washed by clear water. In the UAE, everything is provided for the comfort of tourists: hotels, beaches, entertainment and shopping. Numerous shops and shops are so rich in various goods that it is sometimes difficult to opt for something concrete, you have to think what to bring from the UAE.This article offers the reader to get acquainted with the list of gifts and souvenirs, which are most often brought to their homeland by tourists after a wonderful holiday in the UAE.

The most expensive gift

What to bring from the UAE? Not a single woman, once in this country, can resist the temptation to buy jewelry made of gold or precious stones. Of course, a loving man will not refuse her such a gift. And they are sold in the Gold Market, located in Dubai, which is called the Gold Souk. This is the oldest market in the UAE. It was founded by Indian and Iranian traders back in the 40s of the last century. Today, there are about 300 shops and shops.

Gifts from the UAE

Oriental jewelry is bright, massive, with large stones, which immediately catches the eye. Elegant gold items can not be found here. Expensive jewelry can be sold with and without stones. The most commonly used diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies. Cheaper items are sold with cubic zirconia, garnets, agates. Without any rim here you can buy natural pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. Decoration can be ordered using your sketch or the proposed catalog.Tourists are seduced not only by jewelry, but also by other products for the manufacture of which precious metal is used. This is an amazingly beautiful tableware, a large selection of caskets inlaid with various stones. Gold for products has 18-22 carats, in our understanding - 875 sample.


What to bring from the UAE? A magnificent gift, for which tourists specially come to the country, are products made of fur: fur coats or hats. Surprisingly, but the fact is a country in which it is always warm, produces high quality fur products at an affordable price. The choice of fur coats is so great that no one will be left without a purchase.


It is impossible to imagine a modern woman who would not use cosmetics and face care products, hands, body, hair. What cosmetics to bring from the UAE? In this mysterious country, her choice is so huge that every woman will choose for herself something special.

What cosmetics to bring from the UAE

Specialized stores in a large assortment offer lipstick, powder, pencils, eye shadows, varnishes, and more. Special attention should be paid to kayal - it is a pencil for liner eye contours in the Arabic manner.All this splendor is inexpensive, a few dollars per item.


Gifts from the UAE can bring different. An excellent choice is bakhur. This type of oriental incense helps to plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of the east. Bakhur is balls of small size that exude an unusual spicy aroma when heated.

Oriental incense

Its occurrence is associated with the processing of wood using a special technology, as a result of which an enzyme with a specific odor is released that can destroy the fungus on the trunk. The raw material is agarwood. Aromatherapy helps to relax and activate the activity of brain cells.


The best gift from this series of products are perfumes from the UAE. For their production oil extracts of plants are used, thanks to which the smell lasts a long time. But the Arab spirits have a feature: they need to be applied only on the skin, getting on the clothes, they leave greasy marks. Aromas amaze with a variety. Here you can meet the demand of the pickiest buyer. When buying perfume poured into a beautiful bottle.Optionally, you can order a special fragrance just for you. It will be quickly made here, in the market. The cost of a small bottle of products is small, 10-15 dollars.

Perfume from the UAE

For the sale of Oriental fragrances, there are specialized departments and perfume markets. Here, famous perfume brands are more expensive, from $ 85.

Camel milk

The vitamin-mineral composition of such milk is richer than that of cow milk, casein in its composition is contained in small quantities, but sugar fructose, on the contrary, is in large quantities. The content of amino acids in the composition of the product can be envied, it is perfect.

This product is of great interest among tourists in countries where camels are not found due to the natural conditions. Russian travelers are no exception. But camel milk is difficult to bring to the house, as it remains fresh for only five days, so tourists buy cottage cheese, cheese and other desserts.

Camel milk

But there are people who love to take risks. In this case, the milk brought home should be immediately placed in the refrigerator. On packages in which fresh milk enters the trading network of cities of the United Arab Emirates, the shelf life can be specified up to 20 days.This is due to the fact that milk is actually usable, only it has a sour taste.

If, choosing gifts from the UAE, you still want to bring home camel's milk, purchase frozen food. Of course, the milk can thaw, but its taste will remain. There is another option that is considered the most reliable - milk powder. The taste of such milk is vaguely fresh, but there will be no problems with transportation.


A country where everything is always there is the UAE. What to bring interesting from a tourist trip? The most popular gift is the Al Nassma chocolate bar, the main ingredient of which is camel milk. Such chocolate is produced by the only company in the country, and even then in limited quantities. Its cost is very high, but despite this, the dessert is not always commercially available. The greatest demand for chocolate, made in the form of figures of a camel.

Coffee from the UAE

This chocolate has a special aroma and delicate taste. This is a completely natural product, which does not contain preservatives and chemical additives. This chocolate is elite, it is produced with honey, nuts, dried fruits and traditional oriental spices. Thanks to the additives, the delicacy is particularly exotic.The salty taste of chocolate disappears quickly, but again appears in the aftertaste.


The atmosphere of any market in the country is filled with perfume, the smell of spices, but not only. Everywhere felt the smell of coffee familiar to all tourists. From the UAE it is often brought as a gift. But Arabic coffee has a rather specific taste, therefore only gourmets can appreciate it. This is a traditional drink of the Arabs, it is drunk everywhere. But the taste and smell of coffee is different in different areas. Therefore, before you buy it, you need to try.


The packaging of this product is perhaps the most exclusive gift brought from the UAE. This is due to the fact that camel-based cheese is not sold outside the country. The fact is that it was only in the 1990s that solid cheese was obtained from such milk in Mauritania for the first time, but it was not possible to export it to other countries. More recently, in 2012, only one company in the country began producing camel cheese.

Exotic fruits

You can pleasantly surprise your friends by bringing them gifts of nature from a trip around the country of the East, which do not grow in our country. Of greatest interest is mangosteen, which has an external resemblance to garlic, but is distinguished by excellent taste. It does not look like garlic at all.If friends receive a gift of mango, especially ripe, it will make them very happy, because this fruit is much tastier than what is sold in our homeland.

UAE what to bring interesting

An alternative to fruit are juices with 100% natural substances. The most popular are juices from guava and mango. Their tourists in large quantities are buying as a gift.


This gift is popular with tourists in our country. In the UAE grows many varieties of dates, which to buy, depends on the wallet and taste. Emirati dates are the best in the world. But when buying them you should be careful, because unknowingly you can buy low-quality Iranian dates, which Arab traders often give out for those that grew on the Arabian Peninsula.


It is known that various seasonings spice up the Oriental dishes. Their range in the markets is so diverse that it is difficult for tourists to make a choice. The most popular spices that are brought from the United Arab Emirates are cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon, barberry, and saffron, already familiar to Europeans. Spices and incenses are brought from the UAE, which are mainly consumed only in the East: black lemon, orchid flower root and many different herbs from all diseases. Spices can be bought in supermarkets.Here they are packaged in 100 gram boxes. As a gift, you can bring sauces based on natural ingredients: fish, oyster, soybean, Tabasco.


What to bring from the UAE? In the center of Dubai is a carpet market, which tourists cannot pass by. The choice of products is so great that it captures the spirit. There are thousands of carpets of different shapes, colors and sizes. But nowadays very few people decide to bring a carpet as a gift, except a small one, which can be easily placed in a suitcase. With a large product, difficulties arise when sending at the airport.

Gift for men

What to bring from the UAE for your beloved husband, friend, brother, father, son? A gift for a woman to choose from such an abundance of goods in this country is easier. But what to give a man often causes difficulty.

Souvenirs from the UAE

To make it easier to cope with this task, a list of the most popular gifts for the stronger sex is proposed:

  • Ideal for a smoking pipe made of wood or clay midois.
  • Hookah in a luxurious performance.
  • Khanjar is a dagger, which is a national Arab weapon. Its handle is usually covered with silver.
  • Tobacco with flavored additives.
  • Furniture made from wicker or walnut wood.
  • Pashmin is a fashionable men's shawl that requires cashmere or cotton to make.

Souvenirs from the UAE

Souvenirs are presented by numerous trifles that tourists bring from the country to their homeland. This is the most popular product, which is sold here in huge quantities. Many vacationers are so keen on sightseeing that they sometimes do not have enough time to go shopping, and souvenirs are sold at every turn, even at Dubai Airport.

Most often, Arabian utensils are brought from the Emirates, the category of which includes copper coffee pots and traditional Arab Arabs who make coffee. If the gift is intended for a person who prefers tea, you can buy a thermos, the appearance of which resembles a coffee pot. In such a dish the Arabs keep a cool drink.

A beautiful, often acquired by tourists souvenir - a set, which includes seven sealed vases of glass with sand from each Emirate. A good gift will be a set of pictures within the framework, within which sand layers are placed.These cute items that will decorate the house can be purchased at souvenir shops.

Souvenirs from the UAE

At the bazaar, where hardware is abundantly sold, tourists buy candlesticks, vases, and figurines as a souvenir for relatives and friends. Especially popular is the figure of a camel - the conqueror of the great desert. Such souvenirs are made of glass, leather, wood, plush. They can be bought everywhere.

Often, Arafat is brought from the Emirates, which is the traditional headdress of the Arabs. She is a shawl in the cell, which is worn, going on a journey through the desert.

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