What to do to make a dream come true: tips

Quite often, people wake up not in a very good mood due to the fact that they had a dream about something unpleasant and sometimes even frightening. And they are often worried: what if this dream comes true, what then to do? This is especially true of those who believe in prophetic dreams and listens to their own subconscious. After all, even the most terrible nightmare is part of us and talks about the problems in life. And here a very important question arises: what to do to prevent a dream from happening, what measures to take to protect oneself from trouble. After all, the subconscious mind is clearly trying to say something in this way, to convey to us important information, to warn of future troubles.

Scientific explanation

For scientists and medical workers, it does not matter what kind of dream a person has, whether good or bad, they do not consider this a problem. It is believed that the main factor affecting the dream, is the psychological state of the dreamer. And lead to the emergence of poor sleep can stress experienced during the day, and internal experiences of a person.In addition, there is a high probability that you should not worry and think about what to do so that sleep does not come true, because it can be provoked by an uncomfortable posture or clamping of internal organs when the person’s body is not in the correct position during rest. A numb hands and feet may well cause brain impulses that show terrible vision, indicating problems with the body.

What to do scientifically

The most important thing is not to forget that any problem can be fixed. Simply by solving your psychological problems, improving your overall health and choosing a convenient place to sleep, you can get rid of the alarming bells of the subconscious. But Sigmund Freud, a specialist in the world of psychology and psychoanalysis, categorically opposed to ignoring such dreams.what to do to prevent the dream from coming trueIn his opinion, it is important to analyze what he saw, but only after awakening, to look at the situation with a fresh look, without the involvement of emotions and experiences. This will help to realize that you should not look for how to make the dream not come true, because these are just the consequences of the internal state. A different view on all anxiety and nervous situations in a person’s life.

Fighting an obsessive nightmare

Sometimes even people who do not believe in mysticism and superstition for a long time cannot get rid of night visions that become obsessive and haunt them in their thoughts. This basically happens if a person sees a loved one in danger in a vision.what to do to make the dream not come trueIn this case, it is better to try to solve this problem and calm down. Only the adoption of certain measures will eliminate unnecessary anxiety. There is a certain technique consisting of three steps; this is a certain option of what to do to prevent the dream from coming true. After all, while we think about something, putting fear and emotions into it, we ourselves attract these situations to ourselves. With these three steps, you can regain your composure and get rid of obsessive vision.

Psychological method

First, you need to tell someone about what you see immediately after waking up. And it doesn't matter if you personally do this, or call a friend, or write a message on the Internet. Secondly, you need to take a shower. And not a bath, but a shower, imagining how running water washes away all the negative. Thirdly, you need to eat well, because they say that sleep is valid only until lunchtime.This will create confidence that dinner has already arrived, and the power of the dream has disappeared. All these steps are exactly what psychologists advise on what to do to prevent a dream from coming true.

Mystical side

Many mystical rituals, superstitions and prayers have come to us since ancient times. They may seem strange, ridiculous and illogical to modern man. But, on the other hand, taking into account how long people used them, it is possible that there is a sense in them. As they say, the main thing is to believe in one’s own strengths and intentions, and then they will definitely bring results. Especially if a person is looking for what to do so that sleep does not come true. In ancient times, people believed that you could buy off a bad dream by simply throwing a coin into the window with the words "paid for." You can also go to the window and, looking into it, say: “Where the night is, there is a dream”. Or wish that the bad is gone, but the good remains. There is another way. You need to wash your face with cold water half an hour after waking up and wish yourself to forget the terrible dream. And as you know, the forgotten can not find strength in the real world.what you need to do to sleep did not come true

Visualization is a good method and an excellent answer to the question of what to do so that sleep does not come true.You can, for example, imagine a huge waterfall and fantasize that sleep flows through it and flows away with a rapid flow of water. You can also record sleep events on a piece of paper and burn it. And either bury the ashes in the ground, or wash it off with water, or dispel it in the wind. The main thing is that the elements save you from obsessive anxieties. You can pour salt into a glass of water and wish that fears and visions dissolve just as she did. You can get rid of a nightmare, turning the bedclothes inside out. Also, the old signs say that in such a situation you need to go out of the house, immediately putting your left hand, and then your right hand. This means that you are ordering sleep to leave your home.

For religious people

For believers, the best answer to the question of what to do to prevent a bad dream from coming true is going to the temple. The priests recommend in this situation to put three candles. Two of them to the icon of the Mother of God. One - for your own health, the other - for the health of your enemies. And you need to put candles without anger, with all my heart wanting good. And the last candle, for your own health, should be placed near the icon to all the saints.And it should be done several times after three days. These actions will help find relief and drive off all empty alarms from a person.

Dream catchers

If a person often has bad dreams and he has already tried all the methods, but nothing helps, there is another option. What you need to do to sleep did not come true? You can create a dream catcher! This is quite an old artifact used by people of all nations. To create it fit any available materials. Alternatively, use a flexible branch of the tree. It should be rolled up and tied with a thread. After that, the thread must be woven in the middle of the ring to create something like a web. After that, you need to hang it in the doorway or above the bed. According to beliefs, bad dreams fall into this trap and become entangled in it.what to do to make a bad dream come true

This is a wonderful option, thanks to which you no longer have to ask yourself what to do to make the dream come true, because with such a catcher he will most likely not dream of you anymore. If you are unable to find a branch, you can use old photo frames or hoops. In addition, for greater efficiency of this artifact, you can weave bird feathers into it.It should be borne in mind that dream catchers must be periodically changed, as they become clogged and over time become less effective. Experts recommend using them for no more than six months. Also helps a branch of wormwood under the pillow. It is believed that she drives away evil forces and does not allow them to influence a person from the outside.

Sleep dependence on time of day

Many are frightened by dreams, and believe that they are all prophetic, even without knowing that the significance of what they see depends on various factors. For example, whether the dream of the day or the day of the week itself affects the prophetic dream or not. Given this information, you can clearly know how to make the prophetic dream come true and whether you need to do something at all.how to make a dream come true

If the dream had a dream in the morning, then it is very likely that it is prophetic and can be realized in reality. Dreams, seen during the day, come true very rarely. In the evening, it is not clear whether it can be translated into reality or not with the same probability. But the night does not come true almost never, because at this very moment the subconscious mind is actively working to rethink the day lived and is not yet ready to accept new information.

Dependence on the day of the week

Dreams seen on the night from Monday to Tuesday, come true quite rarely, so after seeing the nightmare you can not worry. But the dream, dreamed on Wednesday night, rather, can be fulfilled, rather than vice versa. From Wednesday to Thursday, there are sometimes prophetic dreams warning of danger, but not always, unlike the prophetic dreams on Friday.what should be done to make the dream not come trueIt should be borne in mind that these dreams come true almost always, but after a certain period of time, so a person usually has time to figure out what to do so that sleep never comes true. It is extremely rare to see a sign dream in the weekend.


So, we can safely say that, no matter how awful and disturbing a dream a dream is, you can cope with it. And for this there are both psychological methods and various mystical rituals that can repel the effects of dark forces. In the most extreme cases, you can do it yourself or purchase a ready-made dream catcher who will protect a peaceful sleep of its owner. The main thing to remember is that if you had a dream that will not leave you alone and causes unnecessary anxiety and excitement, you just can’t leave it at all.It will not necessarily come true, but it will make you scattered.how to make a prophetic dream not come trueIn addition, it can lead to unnecessary health problems, bad mood and even depression. Therefore, as soon as this happens, be sure to take action from those that are more suitable in a particular case. Do not allow bad dreams to affect your real life, do not allow problems because of the games of the subconscious. In addition, if it was a signal that trouble lurks you, a careful analysis and prevention of further problems will allow you to avoid many troubles in the future. Listen to your subconscious, understand what the higher forces are talking to you about. And all will be well. The main thing is not to allow anxiety and depression to seize your mind and condition. There are many methods and tips, developed and proposed by modern scientists, and come to us from ancient times, to prevent the penetration of the negative from dreams.

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