What to draw a guy?

Natalia Gredyushko
Natalia Gredyushko
December 20, 2012
What to draw a guy?

Social networks have long replaced the young real communication with each other. Acquaintance, meetings, relationships all revolve around Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter and, of course, especially popular among young people Contacts. Here you can not only correspond, but also express your thoughts and attitudes on the “wall” of another person.

We draw on the "wall"

Often there is a problem that drawing a guy on the wall, so he liked it, because all sorts of girly flowers and butterflies somehow do not fit at all. This, at least, is not serious and will look like something stupid. One correspondence will surely be little, because I really want the whole world to know about your relationship, it is important that the girlfriends be jealous, and his friends know that he chose you. The little secret of male psychology is that all men are from a year to a hundred, terrible egoists, but at the same time, they are unsure of themselves to the point of absurdity. They constantly need to tell what good they are and admire their achievements, even if, by and large, there is nothing special about them.Therefore, the best thing you can draw a guy on the wall is a picture with words of admiration in his address. There may be several options. If a guy is interested in sports, then a picture with a picture of a pumped up guy or a cartoon character with huge biceps will do, and you should write something like “a little more, and he will be as strong as you”.

Some more tips

If a guy has some kind of dream or passion, well, for example, he really wants some kind of car. You can pokoldovat a little in Photoshop and combine it in one picture, standing near your favorite car. Signature, maybe some kind of "rudders to the dream and everything will turn out." Pictures of a couple in love with small hints or declarations of love also do not interfere. Of course, overdoing with this is not worth it. Guys do not like obsessive ladies, especially if his feelings still remain a mystery. Perhaps he is just ready to be friends or he already has a girlfriend. At the same time, any cats and animals will be superfluous in large quantities. Such pictures are more popular with girls, and at the thought of drawing a guy, it's better to think a little before sending any glamorous pictures.

In addition, the contacts have a function "graffiti", there you can draw something yourself. True, for this you need to be a true artist, or at least a creative person, and not everyone is given such a talent. However, to write something from the heart, there everyone will be able to, who will try, and in fact, it is the sincerity and openness that is important in human relations.

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