What to give to parents: gift ideas

Only eight letters, which enclose the infinite warmth of the whole world, genuine love, reverent care and our life. Already guessed about who we are? Of course, about our parents! On New Year's Eve, on their wedding anniversary, birthdays and other holidays, I want to reward them in a special way, to show how much we love them, thank you for your life and education. Tormented by asking what to give to parents? Already literally exhausted in search of the very present? Then to you to us!

Choosing a gift for parents for the New Year

So, in order. Being tormented by doubts about what to give to parents on the New Year, children often give almost meaningless trinkets, which after a few months (at best) are forgotten. But the celebration should remain in the memory of not only the festive farce, but also some material and atmospheric things, expressing all the love for parents.

what to give to parents

Pair of presents. Or what to give to parents?

Next moment. The pair present is a rather budget and at the same time a nice present for the beloved family.Just do not make a mistake! So, what is really relevant can be presented to parents for the New Year:

  1. PHOTOSESSION. New Year and holiday photo shoots have always been and will be relevant, in demand. For parents - the opportunity to capture and keep this day in the photo, at a glance at which they will remember this New Year and this feeling of happiness.
  2. Gramophone. Yes, a gramophone with records of music, to which they danced in discos during their student years. Good mood and musical atmosphere provided for a long time.
  3. Sweatshirt Not even one, but two! Paired sweaters, let them be the symbols of the coming year or just the symbols of the New Year - deer, Christmas tree or New Year's inscription.
  4. Pillows, rugs, dishes, rugs. In this category include all things that create a warm atmosphere and home comfort in the house.

Of course, you must choose a gift, taking into account not your preferences, but relying on the interests of the couple. Parents love to experiment and discover something new? Pay them a day tour of beautiful places or buy a subscription to several tango classes. They are pleased and resolved the question of what to give to parents.

what to give to parents for the new year

For Mom

A gift for parents can be an individual, not a pair. The difference in their interests, of course, affects the choice of a present. The perfect gift for mom has not yet been found, and the New Year is about to come? You can resort to the following options:

  1. Book. Mom is fond of books by Edgar Poe or Zinaida Gippius - present a collector's edition of your favorite writer.
  2. Beauty saloon. In the wild delight of women of all ages lead procedures for the rejuvenation and renewal of his body. Give your mother a subscription to the beauty salon - she will rest there with body and soul.
  3. Wardrobe items. If your mom and you have similar tastes, or you know that she has long wanted something, this is your option.
  4. Decorations. The most win-win option. As it says: "The best friends of girls are diamonds." You can not buy diamonds if the funds do not allow, but a gold chain or a ring with cubic zirconia is possible.
  5. Coloring. No, not those coloring princesses or cars, and coloring by numbers, where everyone can feel like a born Picasso and Malevich.

Ideas for the original gift mom can be a huge amount, The main thing to include fantasy.For example, if a woman loves to discover something useful and new, to learn the world from the other side, you can give her a subscription to learn the language.

New Year's gift for dad

It is not difficult to please dad for the New Year. The ideal formula for success: the knowledge of his interests mix with a pinch of fantasy. So, here are a few options than to please your father for the New Year:

  1. Alcohol. The decanter of expensive cognac or whiskey will help to surprise the father easily, and if the capacity is still in the form of a Christmas tree or a New Year symbol, it will be even easier to fit into the New Year greeting.
  2. Ex libris. For the book lover, you can order a personal book sign that is affixed to the entire book collection to denote the ownership of books to a particular person.
  3. Combined car model. There are a lot of proposals for rare models of airplanes and cars of 1:10 and 1:20 in size today.
  4. Set of chess figures. If the father loves the game of chess or checkers, hand-made figures will be just the way.
  5. Scratch card. For lovers of travel, a good gift will be a map of the world where you can highlight those cities and countries your father has visited.

A set of stationery, socks or a cap with a bubo should be dismissed immediately, because the gift does not necessarily have to show the kind with which it was carefully chosen. It is better to remember the gift that will be thought out.

what to give to parents for the wedding

Creative gifts to parents

When ordinary gifts are fed up, there is a desire to make some kind of gift on your own. So what to give to parents? You can make a lot of things with your own hands. The main thing is to understand what exactly suits the hero of the occasion.

Above were listed quite catchy versions of what to give to parents for the New Year, but the podium still occupies the most original and soulful gifts made on their own. It:

  1. Poem. A person engaged in poetry can easily write a beautiful greeting to his parents. Yes, it will not be as expensive as rare models or a trip to a beauty salon, but this will only increase its price in the eyes of parents.
  2. Family photo album. Photos of their first date, your first joint New Year, discharge from the hospital and many other events in one album, touching and sweet.
  3. Portrait.If nature has not cheated you with talent, and you can draw a portrait of parents, then go ahead!
  4. Cupcakes and cakes in the style of the New Year symbol. This gift, of course, will not last for many years, but will be pleasant and tasty.

The main task when creating a gift with your own hands is to fully unleash your creative potential. This will be not only an original and spiritual gift, but also a demonstration of their talents.

Native moms and dads need to be surprised with beautiful, useful and interesting gifts! They raised us, and all our childhoods played Snow Maiden and Father Frost. Can I please them? At least just for what they are?

Wedding ceremony

We have figured out what to give to parents for the New Year. But holidays are not limited to this. There is a tradition to present gifts to parents from newlyweds. In Russia, for example, this tradition took place on the second day of the celebration. Some nations congratulate their parents before the wedding. Modern wedding ceremonies are held one day, just on the day of the celebration, and memorable gifts are made to parents. So, we will understand. What can you give to parents for the wedding?

There is a tradition: the bride presents gifts to the parents of the groom, and the husband gives her parents. But, as practice shows, this is almost not adhered to, and the couple themselves decide on their own how to congratulate their parents.

what you can give to parents

How to choose a gift for parents of husband

As mentioned earlier: the gift can be paired for both parents or personal. Before choosing a gift, you need to learn from the groom about the interests and hobbies of his father and mother. And from this it is already deciding what to give to parents for the wedding. The gift will be awarded at all guests, so there can not be miscalculated. You can pick up a completely symbolic version. For example, pick a certificate for the study of the origin of the name in a beautiful frame and package. If you take the name of your husband, then in this way you show that you accept their name and are grateful to them for her and for her son. Below is a list of examples of gifts that will suit him and her parents.

The choice of a gift to the bride's parents

A symbolic gift for her parents can be home appliances. If the girl before the wedding all the time lived at home and helped her parents with household chores, because with the wedding the assistant left the house.Although even if the girl has been living alone for a long time, you can still present home appliances as a gift, if they are necessary, and the groom can afford it.

what to give to parents on their wedding anniversary

What else to give to parents for the wedding?

Sometimes it is better to make two identical or similar gifts to parents from both the bride and the groom so as not to offend anyone. Parents can not show that they somehow touched something, but an unpleasant mark, of course, remains.

As mentioned earlier, we give you a list of what you can give to parents for your wedding:

  1. Certificate. On absolutely any service, from SPA procedures to a trip to a recreation center or to a country cottage. As well as cash certificates.
  2. Engraved gifts. Engraved glasses, dishes, watches - everything that will remind you about the day of your wedding.
  3. Home comfort. You can give things that create comfort in the house - it can be beautiful towels, beautiful terry robes, tablecloths, bedding, digital photo frames.

This is not even half the list of gifts to parents on their wedding day. Turn on the fantasy and please them.

Parents Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversary is always exciting and anxious, this day a family appeared.We give you some tips on what to give to parents on their wedding anniversary.

what to give to parents for their birthday

Anniversary gift

Anniversary on the nose, but you still do not know what gift you will give to parents. And, if there is also a round date, then the gift must be appropriate. Gift options:

  1. Appliances. Let's start with not very cheap, but useful gifts. Most likely, parents will be happy if they receive a new dishwasher or plasma TV as a gift. Few give parents a split system, although it is a good and very useful gift, especially for the southern regions.
  2. Journey. Does your mom and dad lead an active lifestyle, go to the mountains easily, or can they leave all the business and go for a couple of days at sea? So give them a certificate for a trip to Europe or in Russia! If this journey is somewhere abroad, then first sort out the documents.
  3. Decorations. One of the desired and popular gifts are jewelry: earrings, rings, brooches, chains. On the anniversary it is better to pick up double decorations, or, as they are called, paired. The best option - rings or bracelets. Now it will be quite easy to purchase such a kit.Another rule: on the anniversary, it is desirable to give jewelry, based on the second name of the anniversary. 25 years old - silver wedding, 35 years old - coral wedding, 40 years old - ruby, 45 years old - sapphire.

In addition to everything, you can pay for a gala dinner at a restaurant where you celebrate the anniversary all together with your family or pay for dinner only for parents.

Mom and Dad's Birthdays

About the gifts for the New Year, wedding, wedding anniversary, we have already talked. But how to congratulate the parents on the main day of each person - a birthday? How not to blunder? A question arises: "What should you give your parents for their birthday?" The most minimal thing we can do is pay attention to them. Sometimes it is enough to call a greeting or a simple bouquet. But we will talk about material gifts.

what you can give to parents for the new year

Birthday gift to dad

Dad, like most men, loves his car. It is worth picking up something for his favorite. If dad is keen on hunting or fishing, fantasize: super fashionable spinning, the boat he had long dreamed of, the latest model of a gun. You can make such gifts:

  • camera;
  • purse;
  • pullover;
  • tools.

As mentioned earlier, fantasize about what you can give to parents.

Mother's birthday

Mom - is, above all, a gentle and fragile woman. Like any woman, mother wants to be desired and attractive. Therefore, give your mother something out of clothes - a beautiful shawl, warm gloves with a scarf or a luxurious dress. For example, cooking takes too much time and effort, well, make your life easier and donate a slow cooker or dishwasher.

Pull the mother to the beauty salon, arrange her women's holiday, because, most likely, she constantly postpones it for later. Go with her to the cosmetics store or perfume, and even better present a certificate for the purchase in this store.

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