What to make from apples?

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What to make from apples?

If you do not have the opportunity to store apples in natural form in winter, please be tasty and healthy billets. What to make from apples? It depends on their variety and your taste preferences. Recipes for canning apples, there are many, each hostess boasts unique recipes, including: juices, jams, compotes, and even sauces for meat dishes. We will share the most simple and popular ones.


Thinking about what to make from apples? You can make juice from apples and prepare this drink for the whole winter in the presence of a juicer. Apple juice is made from different varieties of apples. But the juice from sour or tart fruits may not taste very good and cause heartburn.


  1. Carefully washed apples cut into 4-6-8 pieces, depending on size and remove the seed box.
  2. Put the prepared apples through the juicer.
  3. Pour the resulting juice into a saucepan and put on medium heat. During heating, remove the foam that forms.
  4. Bring the juice to a boil, but in no case let it boil, otherwise you will lose all the vitamins.
  5. Pour the juice into warm, sterilized bottles, close with lids and wrap until cool.

If the juice seems sour, you can add sugar to taste. Approximate proportion of 100 g of sugar per 1 liter of juice.


For harvesting apple compote for the winter, apples of sweet-sour varieties with dense pulp will be needed. Fruits must be mature and have a perfect appearance. For 1 three-liter jar, prepare 1 kg of apples and 200 g of sugar.


  1. Washed apples cut into 4 parts, small - into 2 and cut the seeds, the skin does not need to be removed.
  2. Acidify the water with citric acid (3 g per 1 liter of water) and drop the sliced ​​apples into it for a couple of minutes.
  3. Put apples in jars and pour boiling water on it, cover with a lid and leave for 1-1.5 hours.
  4. Drain the water in a saucepan, add sugar, boil the syrup for 5 minutes and pour apples on it.
  5. Roll banks and wrap to cool.

Compote the flavor can be mint or cinnamon.


An alternative to classic jam can be caramelized apple slices. To do this, suitable apples sour varieties with solid pulp.


  1. Rinse the apples and cut into 1 cm thick slices.
  2. Place apple slices in a pan in layers, sprinkling each layer of sugar at the rate of 700 g of sugar per 1 kg of apples.
  3. Let the apples steep in the sugar until the morning.
  4. In the morning, bring the apples in their own juice to a boil and boil on low heat for 5 minutes. Stir the apples can not, but only drown in syrup with a spoon.
  5. Cover the pan with a lid and leave until evening. In the evening and the next morning, repeat the procedure. By the evening of the second day, the syrup will thicken, and the apples will become transparent.
  6. Boil the jam for 15 minutes, pour over prepared cans and roll up.


Dried apples for the winter in a natural way or in the oven. Sour and sweet-sour apples, for example, Antonovka, Aport, Simirenko, are suitable for this.


  1. Before drying, sort the apples by size, wash and dry.From apples
  2. Slice the apples into slices without a seed box or longitudinally with skin and seeds (small fruits). The thickness of the slices should be no more than 1 cm.
  3. To prevent the apples from turning dark, dip them in salted water (20 g of salt per 1 l of water) for 2-3 minutes, then dry.
  4. Spread the apple slices in a row on a wooden sheet and turn them daily. Hang circles of apples to dry on a thick thread.Duration of drying - up to 5 days depending on the weather.

When drying in the oven, the maximum temperature should be + 80 ° C. The lower the temperature, the higher the quality of drying.

Boiled apples

Properly harvested apples can be stored until the next harvest. For urinating ripe ripe apples without any damage are used: late varieties: Antonovka, anise, Titovka. In the countryside, apples are soaked in wooden containers, but you can also make a savory snack from apples in glass containers.


  1. At the bottom of the sterilized three-liter cans lay the leaves of cherry andFrom applesblack currant, on top tightly tuck the washed apples with tails.
  2. For the syrup, boil for 5-7 minutes 5 liters of water with 200 g of sugar and 1 tbsp. spoon with a hill of salt. Cool to room temperature and pour apples.
  3. Close the necks of the cans with gauze and leave indoors for several days. Keep the remaining syrup in the refrigerator. Remove the foam from the apples as they appear and pour the syrup so that the top apples do not remain dry.
  4. When the fermentation process begins, cover the cans with nylon caps and store them in a cool place. After 2 months, the apples will be ready.


Surely you still have slightly crushed and spoiled apples. What to cook for the winter of them? You can make a wine from apples from fruits unsuitable for other dishes, the main thing is that they are ripe and juicy. The taste of cider will depend on the variety of apples.From apples


  1. Make apples of juice and let it settle until the formation of pulp and the beginning of fermentation.
  2. Remove the pulp from the surface and add sugar (for dry wine 200-220 g per liter of juice, for dessert - 300-400 g).
  3. To prevent contact of juice with air, pour it into a glass container with a narrow neck and install a water seal. The fermentation process lasts 30-45 days at room temperature until gas formation stops.


How to cook apple cider vinegar? The recipe for apple cider vinegar is pretty simple. He doesFrom applesfrom well ripened fruits of any kind.


  1. Washed apples are very finely chopped, put into an enamel container and add sugar at the rate of 50 g of sugar per 1 kg of sweet apples and 100 g for sour varieties.
  2. Pour hot water 3-4 cm above the level of apples into a saucepan and leave in a warm place for 2 weeks, stirring the apple mass daily.
  3. Strain and pour into fermented jars.After another 2 weeks, the vinegar will be ready.

Consider that the strength of homemade apple cider vinegar is slightly lower than the store.

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