What to see this summer: 13 new TV shows

28-05-2017, 18:07

In the next three months, many TV shows will go on vacation, but some new shows will still be released. Let's look at the interesting new items of the upcoming summer season, so that you have something to do in the heat and bad weather.
1. "Riviera" (Riviera)
Premiere: June 2.
Genres: Thriller.
Riviera - a heavenly place, which is located on the fashionable Cote d'Azur. Dear cars and yachts, luxury women, luxury mansions - it seems that life here is cloudless, and about any problems and can be no question. But it is not.
Here lives Georgina, who recently married the millionaire Constantine. Almost immediately after the wedding, her husband mysteriously dies. Now Georgina is forced to manage herself with a huge fortune and be responsible for the decisions made.
2. “I’m Dying Up Here”
Premiere: June 4th.
Genres: drama, comedy.
Comedy and drama series, the executive producer of which was Jim Carrey.
Los Angeles, 1970s. Goldie Hershlag owns a nightclub where beginner stand-up comedians who dream of getting on to Johnny Carson’s cult show “Tonight” are going to rehearse.While their finest hour has not struck, the actors perform on stage in the Goldie club, telling funny and touching life stories.
3. Claws
Premiere: June 11th.
Genres: drama, comedy.
When good women find themselves in dubious places with even more dubious men, it is precisely such comedic dramas that turn out.
Five strong and independent women of the nail salon suddenly realize that they are simply tired of writing everyone onto the nails, correction and covering. Therefore, they decide to join the criminal world of South Florida and engage in illegal business.
4. “Blood Drive”
Premiere: June 14th.
Genres: horror, fantasy, drama.
The near and completely bleak future. Gasoline prices have risen so much that it is now customary to use human blood as an alternative fuel.
Prevent the chaos in the world takes the last honest cop in Los Angeles. He is forced to take part in a deadly car race, filled with understandable what. So that the cop and the audience would not be bored, the company of the protagonist will be a brave fatal woman.
5. The Mist
Premiere: June 22.
Genres: horrors, drama.
Another screen version of the work of Stephen King. Unlike the original book, the geography of the series is slightly wider. Also in it appears a couple of new characters.
A terrible fog covers the small town of Maine. It seems that it will never dissipate, and this seems to be true. Residents of the city are faced with an inexplicable threat: the nature of the fog is completely inexplicable, and even monsters live in it.
6. “Female Wrestling” (GLOW)
Premiere: June 23rd.
Genres: drama, comedy, sport.
A new project from Jenji Cohen, the showrunner of the popular TV series "Orange - hit of the season."
Unemployed and desperate for money, Alison Bree goes to the women's wrestling league, hoping that this way she will be able to fix her ruined acting career. In addition to her in the wrestling team gathered rejected artists with crippled destinies, who by all means want to succeed.
7. “Gypsy”
Premiere: June 30th.
Genres: Thriller, Drama.
The psychotherapist Gene Holloway spits on medical ethics and begins to invade the privacy of his patients. “To create an atmosphere of trust for the patient. Observe objectivity. Do not violate the boundaries of the patient's physical freedom.Do No Harm. ”Jin easily ignores all these vows. Unhealthy curiosity takes over and threatens the brilliant career of a girl.
8. “Snowfall”
Premiere: July 5th.
Genres: drama.
An ambitious merchant, a wrestler and a rich family guy come together to make a big win in the drug trade. They choose the most suitable time for this: Los Angeles is just overwhelmed by cocaine fever, and the United States is turning into the largest platform for the drug business.
9. "The Bold Type" (The Bold Type)
Premiere: July 11th.
Genres: drama.
The story of Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, was taken as the basis for the plot.
The focus is on the three girls who work for the New York edition of women's glossy Scarlet. They will realize that there are things more important than a career.
10. “Will.”
Premiere: July 12th.
Genres: drama.
An unexpected look at the lost and ruined years of the young William Shakespeare. He arrives in London and realizes that the theatrical world of England is not a luxury, grace and good manners, as he imagined, or else a bunch of drunks, degenerates and the dregs of society.
11. Midnight, Texas (Midnight, Texas)
Premiere: July 24th.
Genres: fantasy, drama, detective.
The screen version of the eponymous book series by American writer Charlene Harris. Mystical drama about loneliness, evil spirits and supernatural abilities.
The main character feels cut off from the whole world because he knows how to see the souls of dead people. He considers himself an outcast and a psychopath, but then he finds a whole settlement of people who are very similar to him.
12. The Sinner (The Sinner)
Premiere: 2 August.
Genres: Thriller.
The series, shot in the book "Sinner" by German writer Petra Hammesfar.
A young mother in a fit of uncontrollable rage commits a terrible crime. Neither the surrounding people, nor the specially hired detective, nor herself, can explain the motives of the act.
13. The Defenders
Premiere: August 18
Genres: fiction, thriller, crime, adventure.
Superheroes are tired of fighting crime alone. They are united in a team and now they are simply obliged to save the world from insidious villains. In the series you can admire Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

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